Kid Isn’t Answering the Phone? There’s an App for That

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Let me start this post out with one simple question: Why did you get your child a cell phone? Was it because you wanted your child to have a symbol of status that would help them squeeze into the clique of coolness? Was it because you enjoyed shelling money to pay for minutes that would never be used because your kid would only text and mess around on Facebook? Or was it because you wanted to be able to stay in contact with your child just in case he or she got stuck or he or she needed help?

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I would venture to say that the majority you parents out there would match up with the last of the options. That's what my mom did. But she ended up getting a lot more than she bargained for. I had a girlfriend whom my mother wasn't super fond of, so I would disappear at random hours to go and see this gal. With increasing speed, my mom was losing contact with me via the cell phone. 

Sharon Standifird from Houston was another parent who was sick and tired of that lost contact with her son; she would call him, and he would ignore her calls, But instead of taking away his phone (because he wasn't using it for what it was originally purchased for anyway), she created the ingenious app called Ignore No More

Ignore No More is pretty cool—and pretty intrusive. But, hey, you're the mom, so you can do whatever the heck you want, right? (According to my mom.) Ignore No More is an app that connects one phone (Mom's phone) to another phone (kid's phone). With this connection, Mom can completely lock the kid's phone until he or she does one thing: call Mom.

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If Mom feels like she's getting blown off, she can remotely lock the kid's phone. The only thing that the phone is able to do after it has been locked? Call 911 or call one of a few pre-selected numbers, including Mom's. And when I say that it's only able to make those calls, I'm serious—no games, no texting, no Facebook. But, once they make the call, they will be sent a password so that they can unlock their phone.

Pretty cool, right? Or is it?

Would this be something that you would consider buying? It's only $1.99, so why not? Or is this something that is reserved only for people who don't have a handle on their kids? Let us know!

What do you think?

Kid Isn’t Answering the Phone? There’s an App for That

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