Kelsey Grammer Welcomes His Fifth Child

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Kelsey Grammer apparently likes the number five; he recently welcomed his fifth child with his fifth wife, Kayte Walsh. While earlier this year Grammer announced his wife was expecting twins, the couple said in a statement today that the twin boy died in utero shortly after the announcement was made.

The surviving baby, a girl named Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer, was born early Friday morning. Reportedly both baby and mom are doing great. The little boy was not the first loss for the couple; Kayte was pregnant in 2010 and lost that baby to a miscarriage.

The couple released the following statement, “A glorious birth with a lingering sadness is ours today. We choose to celebrate the life that has been given us. We proudly introduce our Faith to the world today looking forward to the days ahead and the children yet to come.”

While I may not agree with Grammer's seeming lack of respect for marriage and the way he treated his fourth wife, Camille Grammer, during his divorce; I am sad for their loss and my heart goes out to Kayte. A loss is hard for any woman, but I would imagine living through that loss in the face of publicity makes it even harder. I respect their decision not to reveal the loss to the public until now.

How have you handled sharing the news of pregnancy or loss?

What do you think?

Kelsey Grammer Welcomes His Fifth Child

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  1. Profile photo of MinaXavier MinaXavier says:

    Eew, why are you featuring this sleaze bag?

  2. Profile photo of sukismom sukismom says:

    OMG! Kelsey, Just stay with the same woman already, OR keep it in your pants. I lost so much respect for him about 2 divorces ago. No offense but some one could be trying to tell you that you have too many children with too many women… But congrats and hopefully this is the last for him, he’ll be on his death bed trying to play his babies if he keeps this up.

  3. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    Only people I took about my pregnancy was my boss around the 4th month. Everyone else just had to find out by my growing belly lol


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