Katherine Heigl Adopts a Second Child

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News broke recently that Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have adopted a second child. Their first daughter Naleigh, was adopted in 2009 from Korea when she was 10 months old. The newest addition, a baby girl named Adalaide Marie Hope, was adopted as a newborn in a domestic adoption. Heigl has been vocal in the past about her plans of expanding her family through adoption. One reason she adopted her first daughter from South Korea was because she has a sister who was also adopted from South Korea and she wanted her daughter to have a family member who looks similar and has similar background.

Unfortunately, as with most announcements of this kind, the haters on the internet were out in full force. Many made fun of the name, which I think is cute; others were angry that they were adopting at all, and some people were still bitter over the international adoption of their first daughter. I think the anger over the adoption is unfair to Katherine and Josh. Many people wonder why they are adopting at all instead of having biological children. Some speculate that Katherine wants to preserve her body and so she selfishly wants to take the “easy” way out and adopt. I think all of this is very unfair; no one has a right to criticize another family’s choices regarding building their family.

Katherine has always said she wanted to adopt but we don’t know if that is just because adoption is part of her family or if there are medical reasons for needing to adopt. Would people be more sympathetic if she revealed she was infertile? I also understand why she adopted internationally the first time. I have been vocal on this blog about thinking that international adoption is a little unfair to those children waiting in this country to be adopted. However, after doing more research and reading the stories of others who have adopted both domestically and internationally, I understand the struggles facing couples wanting to adopt domestically. International is often less stressful and less expensive than a domestic adoption.

Have you ever considered adoption?

What do you think?

Katherine Heigl Adopts a Second Child

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  1. Profile photo of Danielle Danielle says:

    I guess I don’t understand the hater who thinks adoption is the "easy way out." Adoption is a wonderful choice either foreign or domestic. And I love Katherine heigl. I know they will have a wonderful family. Good luck and best wishes to them.

  2. Profile photo of Holly Holly says:

    I read that her husband or his siblings were adopted or something, and that they felt it was an important thing to do. And I’m disappointed by people constantly, but extremely disappointed people would see anything negative about adoption. There are a lot of babies and kids that need homes, it’s a great thing to do. And parts of Asia don’t have any use for female children, S. Korea may not be one of those parts, but here, their little girl can go anywhere and become whatever she wants to be. The one thing I think is important to point is there is a need to adopt kids that aren’t still infants. There are so many children, beyond the baby years that need good homes too.

  3. Profile photo of Lyndsi Greim Lyndsi Greim says:

    Some people just amaze me. How can anyone find something negative over adoption?? It is one of the most unselfish acts, ever!

  4. Profile photo of bethpacas bethpacas says:

    I think adoption is a very unselfish thing to do. If you have the capacity and the means to do so, why not? Lord knows there are plenty of children out there in need of a family.

  5. Profile photo of Jacquese Jacquese says:

    Good for them 🙂

  6. Profile photo of mom2aidon mom2aidon says:

    eeep! I love them!

  7. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I think it is great to adopt and I do not understand why people get upset when people are trying to adopt they mean well so what is the problem.

  8. Profile photo of Bhumphr6 Bhumphr6 says:

    Before we found out we were expecting my husband and I have been trying to adopt fro two years. I think it is great when someone reaches out and adopts. every child needs a home. we are planning on adopting again in the future.

  9. Profile photo of Sara McTigue, CLCEditor Sara McTigue, CLC says:

    I’m shocked that anyone would criticize those who choose to adopt – not matter what their reasons!

  10. Profile photo of meredith meredith says:

    Good for her opening up her home and heart to children in need, no matter what country they were born in. I would never have even thought it was to "preserve her body", that’s a crazy thought!


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