July is National Ice Cream Month: Click Here to Get the Scoop on How to Celebrate

On July 9th, 1984 President Ronald Reagan made a very important proclamation. He proclaimed the month of July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day. Whether you’re a diehard cookies ‘n' cream fan or you prefer a classic chocolate or vanilla, take the opportunity this July to celebrate your sweet habit! Check out the ideas below to help you plan a delicious month!

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Scoop up your kids' favorite flavor for dinner

While we all know the importance of helping kids develop healthy eating habits, deviating from your regular diet won’t hurt them in the long run. As you scoop out your kids' favorite flavors, take a minute to enjoy the feeling of being a “cool” mom.

Check out some July ice cream deals

National Ice Cream Month is a big deal. So big a deal that lots of your favorite ice cream brands (like Carvel, Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone and Marble Slab) will be offering some seriously sweet deals. Whether it’s BOGO scoops or free cones, ice cream tastes all the sweeter when you get it for less than you’re used to paying! 

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Make some sweet treats at home

Ice cream is meant to be enjoyed wherever you are. If you’ve got a little time and some creative kiddos on your hands, consider using the Mastrad Ice Cream Pop Mold to create sweet pops that slide right out of their molds. Let your kids get messy as they pour ingredients into the molds and rest easy that they’ll stay drip-free as they enjoy their treats.

Host an ice cream sundae bar

If you’ve got kids with friends, a tub of ice cream, and few great topping, you’ve got everything you need to host a delicious ice cream sundae bar. Invite the neighbors or your kiddos friends and spend the afternoon enjoying different combinations of toppings

Spread the love

Next time you’re in line at the ice cream shop, put a few extra dollars in the tip jar or slip the cashier five extra dollars with instructions to apply it to the next person in line’s tab. 

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Enjoy National Ice Cream Month!

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July is National Ice Cream Month: Click Here to Get the Scoop on How to Celebrate

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