Judge Ordered Valerie Bruno to Cut Off Daughter’s Ponytail for Lighter Sentence

hair cutValerie Bruno’s 13-year-old daughter, Kaytlen Lopan, received a haircut in court as part of her punishment for chopping off several inches of a 3-year-old girl’s long hair in a McDonald’s last March. Now, Bruno is filing a formal complaint, saying she felt intimidated by the judge.

Lopan, who was charged with assault, did not know the victim beforehand, but befriended her and then cut her hair off.  According to the Huffington Post, Lopan “also admitted to charges related to making eight months of harassing phone calls to a Colorado teenager. The phone calls included threats of mutilation and rape.”

Lopan will have to spend 30 days in detention, serve 150 hours of community service (reduced from the originally sentenced 276 hours, due to the haircut), and “pay restitution to the victims.”

Mindy Moss, the mother of the 3-year-old victim, said that her daughter’s long hair (down to the middle of her back), which is now chin length, had never been cut.

Bruno told the press that “An eye for an eye, that’s not how you teach kids right from wrong.”

By filing a complaint, Bruno is only bringing her family more attention. Considering her daughter butchered a toddler’s hair and admittedly threatened a teenager for months, she should probably walk away from all of this with her tail between her legs and a newfound resolution to help her daughter’s mentality, and teach her some decent values.

“An eye for an eye” is not the way to teach, of course; but is Bruno really preaching to the public about how to teach kids right from wrong? And, by the way, where was Moss while her toddler was getting the new ‘do?

What do you think? Was Lopan’s punishment too harsh?


What do you think?

Judge Ordered Valerie Bruno to Cut Off Daughter’s Ponytail for Lighter Sentence

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  1. Kristi says:

    Rape and Mutilation???? Bullying a 3 year old???? Forget giving her a hair cut, this girl needs real help. A child who behaves this way will likely just be angered by the community service time and will repeat the crime or do somrthing worse to show them up. Maybe some boot camp is needed on top of the help.

  2. Samantha says:

    I don’t see the point in the haircut I understand she cut the little girls hair but she sounds like she could use therapy more than a haircut if she is actually disturbed then it didn’t hurt her any she may just be trying to get attention in which case a therapist would be best to get to the bottom of the issue

  3. Amber says:

    Disturbing. She’s 13. I think she should have been sentenced time in a juvenile hall to show her where this behavior will land her later in life. She continues to harass individuals as an adult she’ll be doing jail time.

  4. sheena says:


  5. Christi says:

    She bullied a 3 year old!! 3!! She didn’t get near enough punishment in my opinion!! That’ll teach her to cut someone else’s hair!!

  6. Ami says:

    At the very least I hope the toddler wasn’t too shocked by the haircut, children that age tend to be very resilient. As for this thirteen year old she is obviously disturbed and if this judge has enough time on his/her hands to watch a girl get her haircut in his/her courtroom why not do the responsible thing and order the girl to get court mandated therapy?

  7. Fayth says:

    In my opinion the judge did not go far enough. Either this child is disturbed and needs mental assistance or is just rotten the judge cannot know with this sentence. In addition to mental and behavioral assistance, this child and mother should have been assigned community service on a children’s cancer ward (closely monitored) where the loss of hair is clearly traumatic. If the child is remorseful she would opt to cut her own hair for Locks of Love, if she did not exhibit and signs of humanity steps should be taken to fix this broken child or at least get her away from other people’s children.

  8. Heathr says:

    Um has anyone noticed that it said the 13 yr old was threatening rape and mutilation? I think the judge dropped the ball on this. This girl and her mother need some extensive therapy.

    • summer says:

      EXACTLY!! Everyone keeps talking about her cutting a lil girls hair… But I haven’t seen anyone talking about the BIG threat here…. This little girls needs some serious help. And obviously her mother does too.

  9. Ashley says:

    No one finds this behavior disturbing? What would prompt a 13 year old to torment a toddler and cut off her hair? She obviously has some real issues brewing. She has already been in serious trouble for harassing and threatening another kid. Beyond cutting off her pony tail, there should be some mental health counseling.
    The mother should worry about getting help for her daughter and not about how the judge made her feel.

  10. chie says:

    Eye for an eye, I believe in it. Spanking the kids? I believe in it. There’s a difference between disciplinary spanking and beating the child. When you spank a child one time and explain what they did wrong calmly then most likely they wont do it again. I have 3 kids, my eldest son is 16, my daughter is 10 and a 2 yr old boy. My 16 yr old is a special needs sweet boy. When my daughter is about 6, she went to a play date for the first time, the mom talked to me and said ” I don’t know what you’re doing but whatever it is I applaud you”. My daughter asked for her for permission every time, even ask for permission if she can use the bathroom. They have gotten praise, cookies and ice cream from strangers whether be it the next table or waiter or waitress when we go out to eat because they’re well behaved. My 2 yr old is very polite, he says hi to everybody, says bye and “have a good day”, please and thank you. A lot of people are surprised to see how polite he is for being so young. I have encountered kids at the grocery store that when you look at them, they will stick their tongue at you, the parents see it but they don’t do anything!
    Yes I’m strict, yes I’m hard on my kids. I start correcting them soon as they can sit, some might say too early but it’s not. And parents don’t forget that your kids watch you too! so however you treat other people is the way they will treat others! Monkey sees, monkey do!
    It makes me sad when parents know that their child did something wrong and yet they try to cover for them. It’s okay to protect your child, but covering for them is not protecting them.
    In my opinion, when kids start testing their boundaries (which is pretty young) that means they know what’s right and what’s wrong.

    • JaZyrian says:

      You sound like a great mom to me! Teaching your children values and that the world doesn’t owe them anything nor will all people treat you fairly. We live in a really rude world were people assume they have more rights than others. Don’t listen to the people who have negative things to say about your parenting; after all, your “fruit” speaks for you and their’s for them. Congrats on bucking the system and being a “real parent”!

  11. Alyssa says:

    there are so many young kids these days turning into mischievous beings, and frankly its due to the lack of discipline and punishment from parents. I believe not only the 13 year old girl should have been punished but the mother be forced to take parenting classes or something of that sort.

  12. Tina says:

    I think the mom should be sentenced to be handcuffed to her daughter every time she leaves the house to go out in public–whether it be for school or whatever, with a police officer present at school, for 60 days. The embarrassment of that would get the kid to knock off her crap.

  13. Ashley says:

    Ugh. My question is, how did this even get to court? If this kind of crap had happened when I was a kid, the parent of the toddler would have gotten mad, the parent of the teen would have spanked said teen, and then made her pay for the toddler to get a professional haircut to fix it. Said teen would then have been grounded for a period of time at mom’s discretion. And that would have been the end of it.

    Is everyone so freakin’ eager to sue these days? Goodness glaciers, what is this world coming to? I miss the old days when parents were parents and didn’t do their jobs only when forced by a judge.

  14. NaNy says:

    The mother being angry at the child’s punishment is proof that she is in no way shape or form remorseful for the actions her child has pulled. Thank God she hasnt killed anyone yet this child need serious help and it’s sad it took proper authorities to make this mother step the heck up and get her child help!!!! Ugh sickening

  15. Elija says:

    I think the little Brat should be held until baby girl’s hair grows back to its normal length!!

  16. Bianca says:

    I think its awful the mother is not backing the judge. Im sorry but if my child pulled this crap, sh!t would hit the fan. To me, this is why bullies are everywhere. Parents are basically enableing thier kids but getting defensive during punishment, and fighting it. It tells the child that what they have done is ok, because mommy or daddy will save them.

  17. kim says:

    kids are mean! I think more shouldve been done, 3 years old or not that little girl will someday look back at pictures of herself from that time and be upset! I still dont get how any of these kids did all this without getting noticed! i dont care if the play place is closed in, things can still happen! These girls had enough time to befriend the little girl, run to buy scissors, come back and cut her hair!? WTF!? im just terrified of kids getting to curious in those tubes so if i dont see my kid after a few minutes im already in the tubes!

  18. Lacy says:

    I feel that the judge was way too lenient with this 13 year old!! He should have shaved the little freaks head!!! This girl has been threatening other children and the judge gave her only 30 days and 150 hrs. or community service… REALLY!?! What is wrong with the judge; she should be held until the family and the girls belongings are investigated and the house searched thoroughly. Who knows what kind of plans she might have for her piers!! This is what’s wrong with America HERE’S A RED FLAG and no one wants to look into the situation before it turns into something more, who knows maybe the judge cold prevent this girl from snapping and shooting up her school!! I feel this teen and her mother need MAJOR THERAPY!!

  19. Jenifer says:

    First let’s look at the age of the child she is thirteen she should know damn well not to cut someone else’s hair. As the mother of a 4 year old with long hair I would be livid! I say good for the judge. That child needs major intervention before she seriously harms someone. Shame on that 13 year old mother your raising a monster ( yes monster bulling- threatening to rape and multination and picking on a small child makes her a monster). and you want to complain because the judge have an option to have a hair cut for a lighter sentence. This mother and others like her are what is wrong with children today!!!

  20. Annie says:

    I don’t think the punishment was too harsh. I think the Mom, is better off teaching her a child a lesson now rather than later. Her bad behavior will only perpetuate. I think she’s better off trying to correct a little monster rather than a habitual adult.

  21. Annie says:

    I think she should teach her daughter a lesson before her behavior does and it will perpetuate. Her bad behavior will only manifest and become harder to correct. I think she has a small window of opportunity and the lessons will only get harder. Better she deal with a little monster than an adult monster.

  22. Toshia says:

    Okay. This is crazy. What the heck is going on. I understand that the child was in mc.donalds so its not like she had a wide choic e in age of who to play with. My question is what made her so angry as to cut another child’s hair off. Regardless of the age she sounds like she is a very lonely angry child. I’m not sure it was right cutting her hair off. You are just teaching her that if somebody does something to you its okay for you to return the same favor. I feel the punishment for the child should have been to see a psychiatrist and also for her mother to attend once a month. She should also be tested for anger issues and possibly put into anger management classes. I have never been spared in the spanking world. I am native american and was raised by my grandmother and we got the switch. I feel that the reason the children act out today is because they know if they say the word’s “” IF YOU SPANK ME ILL CALL THE COPS”” that the average parent won’t. Well I’m sorry I’m not the average parent. I would have personaly made her apologize to the child and mother and then spanked her in front of them. When she felt what it was like to be embarrassed I guarantee she won’t do it again…..

  23. MarcelosWife says:

    The apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. I think both Mother and daughter should get counseling because a 13 ye old shouldn’t be so angry at such a young age! And clearly the child is angry for a reason and her Mother is just feeding it!

    • Barbara says:

      How would you spank a big a** thirteen yr old in public. Parent’s are supposed to train and raise children well before teen yrs she got what she deserve and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for this mother she needs to take a seat and get that child some help. Ijs

  24. Melody says:

    Sounds to me like mother and daughter both need serious help. The thing is, “eye for an eye” IS a foundation for understanding the concepts behind right and wrong. It’s like saying, “do unto others what you would have others do unto you.” Kaytlen Lopan did unto another, and she should have it done unto her. Unfortunately, with kids who are messed up enough to be threatening violence to others, it probably won’t be enough. Sad.

    And yes!! Where were the parents during all of this?! Seriously, you just don’t leave your three year old unsupervised, especially in a public place where just about anything could happen. The little girl got her hair cut, but it could have been much much much worse.

  25. no, not too harsh. it sounds like the 13 year old did it out of sheer malice and jealousy, not out of innocently wanting the girl’s hair to look better. there are teens who would not know better (my mom trimmed an inch from a girl she babysat as a teen thinking it would look better and the parents were understandably upset– but not from all the way down the back to chin length! she just trimmed the ragged edge a bit out of trying to be helpful), but this girl sounds like she has a lot of problems. let your daughter get punished for once– this is the problem!!!


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