Johnny Weir and Husband Bring Home a Son

Johnny Weir and Husband Bring Home a Son Picture

According to People Magazine, champion figure skater Johnny Weir and his husband, Victor Voronov, posted on Twitter that they had brought home a son. However, it is not a cuddly human baby – but a furbaby. They said, "Our new son is home and exhausted. Say hello to Artem Viktorovich Weir-Voronov, or, Tyoma!"

Okay, so I get that people love their pets. I am a dog lover myself, but I have never understood the term "furbaby." While I agree you are a de facto parent to the puppy or any other baby pet you bring home, comparing babies and puppies seems odd. However, on the other hand, I understand people who are not in the point in their life for human babies, or who are unable to have babies of their own, may take comfort in calling their pets furbabies.

In writing this blog, I researched the term and found some downright hate for the term "furbaby," thinking that it diminishes human babies by comparing them to an animal. I also came across a blog post written by an infertile mother who explains why her furbaby is so important to them. She says that her dog, Jonah, was originally a gift that the newlywed couple bought for each other to “practice” their parenting skills. The writer goes on to explain how the dog wouldn’t sleep well as a puppy, took forever to house-train and would dash away from them at any given time. This dog certainly sounds like a toddler! However, she also points out problems they had once the babies did come along, which I think underlines the real issue with considering your dog a “baby.” She says when their first child came along, Jonah was no longer the top dog, he had been knocked down the family ladder and in turn was depressed and despondent. I imagine if the dog had been treated like just that, a dog, he may have adjusted to the higher-ranked family member a little better. I think this is in fact the real problem I have with the term and attitude.

So, do you have furbabies? If not, what do you think of the term? 


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Johnny Weir and Husband Bring Home a Son

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    It is kind of a creepy term.


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