Celebrity Jillian Harris Confesses She Forgot to Buckle Her Baby in His Seat

One of the worst moments of my parenting life happened about two years ago. I had recently welcomed our fourth baby. I was still in the foggy postpartum phase of basically walking around without a brain but still insisting I could do all the things. So, I had loaded up the kids to run a few other errands and as I turned into the bank, I suddenly heard a loud thud

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my two-year-old son's head sticking out sideways behind my seat and in a rush of horror, I realized exactly what had happened … I had forgotten to buckle his car seat into the seat belt! And when I turned, he had fallen right over. He was latched in his seat, but the actual car seat was not latched into the car. I pulled safely over into a parking spot and promptly burst into tears. It was a mixture of hormones. Fear of what could have happened. And my own sickening realization that my insistence on carrying on a busy and “normal” routine as a mom even though I was exhausted and still healing from birth had almost literally taken my son's life. 

What if something had happened? What if someone had, god forbid, hit our vehicle? The horror of how many things could have gone wrong was a huge wake-up call to me that day. I vowed that it was time to slow down a little, because it was a matter of life and death. 

Every mom makes mistakes. And because I am human (or maybe just petty) I take comfort in hearing the mistakes that they have made. For example, former Bachelor contestant and Bachelorette turned HGTV host, Jillian Harris, recently confessed to People the pretty big mom mistake that she made that admittedly, made me feel a lot better. 

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Jillian Harris, who is engaged to her son's father, Justin Pasutto, 29, admitted to the mag that she's made mistakes when it comes to parenting little Leo. Like me, she has that one mistake that stands out in her minds as kind of a turning point. 

“He was probably 10 days old and we were at our Vancouver house setting up the nursery and I had him in one of those little like bouncy chairs,” she described. “And he was sleeping. And I didn’t strap him in because I didn’t want him to wake up. I went downstairs to grab some laundry and we heard some crying upstairs and we ran upstairs, and he had slid out and rolled over. And that’s before we even started him on tummy time or anything. It had maybe been like five seconds, but Justin was like, ‘Jillian! Why didn’t you strap him in?’ ”

Horrified, the moment was an important realization for her that motherhood would be a tricky journey. Partially because of this, she cut back on work to be home with her son more. Because as guilty as she felt in that moment, she said nothing can compare the relief she felt when just realizing how much she loves her son and wants to be with him. 

I love her story. It shows that two things bond all mothers together: the fact that we are going to mess up and the fact that we love our kids more than anything. 

Do you have a go-to mom mistake that you've made, like me and Jillian Harris? Make me feel better and share!


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Celebrity Jillian Harris Confesses She Forgot to Buckle Her Baby in His Seat

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