Jessica Alba Turns a Scary Parenting Moment into a New Company

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Jessica Alba walked into her daughter’s bedroom three years ago, she saw a heart-stopping scene in front of her. She found daughter Honor, now four, eating the gel beads in her diaper. In that moment she thought about what those beads could be made of and wondered if she had just poisoned her daughter.

While Honor was fine, suffering no poisoning or ill effect, the moment sparked an idea in her head; a line of eco-friendly baby products called The Honest Company. The company, which Alba founded with Christopher Gavigan took three and a half years to come to fruition and offers a line of non-toxic diapers, baby washes, cleaning products, and more.

Alba is extremely proud of her new venture, which she affectionately calls her third baby. She says, “It’s a deep passion of mine and I spend all my time at the office. I think it is a nice balance to Hollywood because this is something that I could actually control. I could see [it through] from the beginning to the end and there’s something really wonderful and fulfilling about that. Especially when it was so hard to get it going for so long. For it to actually be here and exist is pretty cool.”

I think it is a great thing that she took a moment of terror and turned it into a wonderful company that offers parents something that they can feel great about providing to their babies. In fact, I think some of the coolest baby products out there are developed by moms and dads looking for a better product to make their lives easier.

Have you ever had a scary parenting moment turn into something great? 

What do you think?

Jessica Alba Turns a Scary Parenting Moment into a New Company

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  1. Profile photo of Lindsey Lindsey says:

    It’s nice to know that even celebrities have those moments!

  2. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    i’ve had some ideas every now and again but i do not have the money to do them, sooner or later though someone else thinks up the same idea and a few years later i see my idea in use……

  3. Profile photo of sufiaislam sufiaislam says:

    cloth diapers are the way to go

  4. Profile photo of emi285 emi285 says:

    @LisaOlivo, there are gelbeads in all diapers…that’s how they absorb the pee. I’ve seen the Honest Company, and while it might be awesome or whatever it is no where near affordable :/

  5. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    I would be so frightened if I saw my daughter eating gel beads from her diaper. This is why I love using cloth diapers.

  6. Profile photo of SweetieBelle SweetieBelle says:

    The gel beads described are the actual stuffing that is in most disposable diapers. When the diaper becomes wet they absorb the moisture and swell. The gel is rather unhealthy hence many people are moving to Eco-friendly diaper choices such as her honest brand or even cloth diapers. We are using cloth diapers for our daughter for this very reason.

  7. Profile photo of LisaOlivo LisaOlivo says:

    Why were there gel beads in her diaper?

  8. would definitely buy them if there was room in the budget! will just have to stick to pampers for now!

  9. Profile photo of Katie Katie says:

    We tried the Honest Company’s products, and absolutely loved them… but, I can buy the big-box diapers and wipes for about 2/3 the cost of the Honest Company ones. Diapers are expensive enough… I wish I could afford the Honest ones!

  10. Profile photo of MsSteph39 MsSteph39 says:

    i love jessica alba 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Melanie Melanie says:

    except when they make products like this the prices are never comparable to the large company brands that we can never afford to buy them for our babies so although I commend her for what she did, if I had her money/connections I would be doing all kinds of great things, but to make it even better would be to find a way to make it affordable to the everyday person.

  12. I’m sure that all mothers come up with great ideas or something creative that would make things so much easier. But, unlike celebrities, we’re unable to put our funds into such things. We’re too busy making a living raising our families and pinching every penny from our jobs or our financial aid from going back to school. We’d all be rich if we could though, that’s for sure!

  13. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    I think this is such an amazing thing. I wish i had the money and creativity to do something like this

  14. Profile photo of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    I think of things all the time to make life easier and safer but never have the money,nor the time to develop anything! seems like about a year later someone figures it out anyway haha!


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