Jerry O’Connell Wants To Put His Twins in the Spotlight

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Jerry O’Connell recently told People, that he wants his 3 year old daughters to get into show business, while his wife Rebecca Romijn is not as thrilled. He says, “I would love for them to be on the Disney Channel, maybe with a twins show of their own. Maybe they’re the new Olsen twins!” O’Connell has been acting since he was a small boy and also has a brother, Charlie O’Connell who is an actor.

Now I understand the need for child actors, but I think that it should only be an option if the child first expresses interest. He cites the Olsen twins, who while they are now billionaires, have also had their fair share of issues, including Mary Kate dating a man 16 years her senior, Olivier Sarkozy. I guess my point is that child actors who are successful rarely seem to turn out well as adults. It is the same as baby pageant queens, exploiting your child for any gain is not right. Now if a child is 6 or 7 and can reliably tell you their wishes for getting into acting, I don’t really have a problem with that, but choosing that life for your three year old seems wrong.

Would you ever push your child into acting or pageants?

What do you think?

Jerry O’Connell Wants To Put His Twins in the Spotlight

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  1. I agree with sukismom. Parents push their kids into alot with out pointing them out though. I would never personally push my kid into acting or pageants because I don’t think it sends the right message to the child about letting them be themselves and developing their own identity and image.

  2. Profile photo of sukismom sukismom says:

    Would there be an issue if he were a nobody? People put their kids in showbiz everyday without being pointed out..


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