Jenna Fischer Says She Is Just a Normal Mom

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Jenna Fischer, of The Office, fame recently spoke about how she is just a normal mother, despite what her critics may think. In the interview with People, she talks about how it took her 10-months to lose the baby weight, and how she suffers the same struggle any other working mother has.

She says, “It’s so funny because I think there’s the perception that every [famous] woman has a driver and a chef and a personal trainer and a nanny. I don’t have any of those things. Like other working moms, I’m trying to figure out how to balance it all.” She does own up to the fact that she may have it a little easier than some working moms saying, “I am fortunate to have steady work, health insurance and a paycheck. I’m just trying to figure out how to do [everything] myself.”

It is refreshing to see a Hollywood mom that owns up to doing it all herself. I think it is so common for us to believe that women in Hollywood have their babies and then hand them off to someone else to handle. However, there are several Hollywood women who I believe actually do care for their children more than the nanny, in fact I would imagine the ones that do are more prevalent than ones that don’t. Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie come to mind when I think of women who are usually photographed with at least one child in tow.

So do you think that more Hollywood moms do it on their own, or do they have help?

What do you think?

Jenna Fischer Says She Is Just a Normal Mom

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  1. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    They definitely have it easier than the normal everyday mom. But kudos for her trying to do most things for herself

  2. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    with money to pay nannies, and chefs, and personal trainers, oh yeah normal! But she worked for it.

  3. I think they have more help than the average mom. A steady job, health insurance, and a (decent, I’m sure) paycheck are all things we worry about and it’s a struggle, especially on the insurance aspect. Maybe she doesn’t have a nanny and a driver and chef, but she still has more than the average mom.


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