Jay DeMarcus Makes it to His Son’s Birth in the Nick of Time

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Jay DeMarcus, bassist for Rascal Flatts, got a call that sent him into a panic last Friday. His wife, Allison, called him while he was prepping for a concert in Detroit to tell him their son, who was due in August, would be delivered that afternoon via C-section. He made it to the hospital in Nashville with about an hour to spare, but only got to hold his newborn son for 20 minutes before he had to jump back on a plane to get back to Detroit for the concert.

DeMarcus says, “My wife was still on the operating table so it was very, very hard to leave, but we had a sold-out show and four acts out with us. I wanted to keep my commitment and my wife gets that. I had a police escort when I hit the ground and got there 30 minutes before we went on stage, so I just left my scrubs on. The crowd was very sweet and gave me a standing ovation!” DeMarcus went on to perform two more shows this weekend, arriving home on Monday.

I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to leave his wife and new baby, but respect his choice to keep his commitment to his fans. Since a baby’s delivery can rarely be planned, I imagine rushing to the birth of a child is a common occurrence among many families.

When I had my last child I was actually scheduled for a C-section at 39 weeks. We lived in Kansas at the time so my mom, who lived in Florida, was planning on flying out the day before the delivery to be there for my oldest two children. However, Collin had other plans; I went into labor a week before my scheduled C-section, which sent my mom rushing to the airport to buy a last minute flight to Wichita. Since Wichita is a smaller airport, she got the last flight out with only minutes to spare, a trip which resulted in a lot of tears and stress for my mom. Luckily, she made it to the hospital within 9 hours, about 4 hours after Collin was born, a real feat for two flights and a 4 hour drive from Wichita to our small Kansas town!

Do you have any stories of family rushing to make it when you went into labor?

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Jay DeMarcus Makes it to His Son’s Birth in the Nick of Time

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