IVF Timeline: Shots, Egg Retrieval and the Waiting Game


Do you know that annoyed, frustrated feeling you get when you highly anticipate your favorite series’s season finale only to succumb to the writers’ ultimate revenge—the cliff hanger? Yeah, well, I have been hanging onto the side of that cliff for some time now. It is getting old, but the end is in sight.

Monday is my baseline appointment.

The baseline is just what it sounds like—the marker against which all of my future blood work and ultrasounds will be measured as I progress through the medicated cycle. On Monday, I will also receive most of my medications and needles as well as a nifty “how to” lecture on performing self-administered shots.

Particularly looking forward to that. Okay, maybe not quite so much. 

I’m looking forward to finding out specifically which drugs I will be taking and why. The program administrators likely covered this in the orientation we had some seven months ago, but as you might imagine little of that information still remains in this brain of mine. We have been planning this for a very long time.

The question that really gnaws at the back of my mind is: how long? How long will I have to be on the meds?

The answer depends on how well my ovaries respond. Some women do well and undergo the egg retrieval procedure early; others take longer and thereby have to endure more days of self-administered shots. I am really hoping I am one of the former.

Right now I am tentatively scheduled for egg retrieval on February 4. The date of egg retrieval is akin to the date of the last menstrual cycle in a natural conception. It is the date by which the estimated due date is determined. I think, at least. This information I have gleaned from the Internet. I imagine this will be yet another question that is answered for me on Monday.

Following egg retrieval, we must wait another three to five days before they transfer an embryo into my uterus. I hope we have an embryo. There is always the possibility that not even one develops properly. So many things can still go wrong.

Once we undergo an embryo transfer, all that is left to do is wait. Again. I suspect we will not be able to test for pregnancy until mid- to late-February. That seems so far away right now. In the scheme of things, it really isn’t

Anyone else undergoing IVF? Could really use some comradeship right about now. Until Monday, I will just continue to dangle here.

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IVF Timeline: Shots, Egg Retrieval and the Waiting Game

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