It’s My Pregnancy and I’ll Cry if I Want To

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I watched a woman fall flat on her face the other day.  I was on the subway at a station three stops before my own, when a woman, most likely in her late sixties and armed with holiday shopping bags looped from shoulder to wrist, exited my subway car onto the bustling platform at Queens Plaza.  From my seat on the train, I watched, in what seemed like slow motion, as she tripped and slammed her face directly into the concrete.  

I gasped. 

Normally preoccupied New Yorkers rushed to her aid, kneeling by her side, as she didn't move for what seemed like an eternity.  At that moment, the doors to my subway car closed, and the train began pulling away from the station.  I craned my neck to see the woman, and hoped to confirm she was okay.  Just before she was totally out of sight, I saw her sit up.

I felt such relief.  She didn’t appear to be busted and bloody, but regardless, I began to sob.  Hard, unreasonable sobs.  I wasn't exactly sure the reason, but I wasn’t terribly surprised by my reaction.  Now that I’m pregnant, there isn’t much I don’t cry about these days.

And while these tears are an odd contrast to my pre-pregnancy days, I find them no more strange than the tears I cry when I catch the last 30 seconds of a sporting victory on TV involving teams I know and care nothing about.  And no more strange than the sobbing I do for 20 minutes after “Parenthood” is over, or the tears that fall when I good natured couple from Oklahoma scores a lucrative deal on “Shark Tank”.  I can cry when I feel the baby move.  Or when I don’t.  I can cry when I am overwhelmed with love for my husband.  And just as easily, I can cry when he’s on my last…frickin’…nerve.

I’ve learned these tears don’t really mean anything.  They are merely the byproduct of all the hormones surging through my system, and from what I hear, they won’t soon stop after the baby is born.  My whole life I teased my mother for crying at the end of nearly every movie we ever saw, and little did I know, I was probably, at the very least, part of the cause.

Who knew?

This baby… makes me a baby.

And that, makes my husband itch.

Had you told me a year ago that I might one day cry in public, I’d have laughed in your face.  Now, if you brought it up, I would burst into tears.  Just because.

How has pregnancy taken over your emotions?  Are you moodier than usual?  Sappier than usual?  Quicker to cry than ever before?


My answer to all of the above is YES.

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What do you think?

It’s My Pregnancy and I’ll Cry if I Want To

Jennifer Bruno is a credentialed trainer by day and a freelance writer and aspiring photographer by night. Raised in rural Kansas, Jen moved to sunny Florida after college where she met her husband, who married her despite hearing her sing Dixie Chicks karaoke. Shortly after saying “I do”, they moved to New York City to fulfill their dream of living amongst the bright lights and skyscrapers. They currently share their cramped apartment with two modelesque miniature dachshunds named Millie an ... More

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  1. Krissy says:

    I’m already emotional enough anyways…now I’m pregnant and I am a complete mess. I cry about EVERYTHING!! To me, right now, it’s the end of the world if even the smallest thing goes wrong. Hubby always calms me down by pointing out exactly what I’m crying about and we always get a good laugh about it. A couple of weeks ago I had a meltdown because my sno-cone was too crunchy lolz

  2. luretha says:

    I was naturally an emotional person. When I was pregnant I was totally opposite. The day I found out I wanted to cry but nothing would come out. People said it was good that I didn’t cry because my baby would come out being a cry baby. As soon as I had her, I was extra emotional because I went through PPD.

  3. Some mornings i wake up and cry for no reason. I’m a mess lol

  4. Nicoleroy says:

    I have never been big on crying or one to share tears but strangely with this pregnancy, I have been a bit messy.I have two kids already a boy 8 and girl 7.My sweet daughter has always been in the habit of writing me love letters.The last two letters she wrote me which have been two weeks apart has caused me at both times to curl up and start wailing like some child (right in front of her).My poor daughter at the time had no idea what to do but bring me tissue rub my back and say mommy are you ok.I said yes honey remember I told you before that its the baby causing me to be this way.I cant even listen to a commercial that has sad sounding music amongst other things without crying.My husband is soo supportive and makes me feel ok about crying.

  5. neisha says:

    I cried when my husband looked at me so yes im emotional

  6. I don’t think so, but if you ask others in my household, they may not agree. I will just keep telling myself that I am not the emotional one. There most is most likely something wrong with them. 🙂

  7. Eleni says:

    I actually never cried before my pregnancy or even during it. But right after my daughter was born it was like the floodgates opened and now I can cry at the drop of a hat! For any little thing too! I was watching Dumbo with my 3 year old last night and the tears were just streaming down my face as Dumbo’s mommy sang to him. It’s completely irrational I know, and my husband makes fun of me all the time (especially when we’re watching ridiculous comedies) but I couldn’t hold them in even if I tried. And I agree with Lisa, you’re just asking for trouble when you look at baby pictures of your little one lol.

  8. Theresa says:

    Yes a lot of things annoy me, and I cry about a lot of things including cartoons….Ha ha ha ha

  9. Lisa says:

    When I was pregnant with my daughter I cried alot usually over stupid stuff and now that I’m 26 weeks and one day pregnant with my second daughter I still cry over some stupid things. Even when I wasn’t pregnant every time I looked at pictures of my little girl when she was a newborn and even pictures we just took a week ago or even a day ago I cry to and so does my fiance because we love our daughter so much and we love our unborn daughter so much too. I’m the one that mostly cries though, my fiance usually gets tears in his eyes and looks like he’s going to cry but he has actually cried a few times from looking at our daughter’s pictures. Our little girl is 20 months old and we still can’t help but hug and kiss her alot because we love her so much. I get tears in my eyes and cry some times when I’m looking at my unborn daughter’s sonogram pictures. I have a big smile on my face and even cry some times when the doctor is doing a sonogram to see how she’s growing inside of me and like I said before I’m 26 weeks and one day pregnant (6 months and one day) with her right now. I know it’s my hormones that made me cry so much with both of my pregnancies but I don’t care because my fiance and me love our two girls SO much and we would do ANYTHING for them!!

  10. newmomma says:

    I am 12 weeks pregnant, all I do is cry, I could be happy one minute then the next crying. I cry at the the dumbest things. 🙂

  11. Jodi says:

    My third pregnancy I had a cat that was not allowed to live with me in a property I was temporarily renting. I was overwhelmed as my ex was telling me she was sick and needed veterinary care. He couldnt take her urinating all over his house and I had to take her with me or he was forced to keep her as an outside cat. My cat had never been outside. She didn’t want to go. As we were in the pet store looking for a cage to keep her in until we found a solution for her urinating. I began sobbing like a little girl saying that everybody hates cats. I was irrational. Everyone in the store was looking at me and my large pregnant stomach with confusion. I will never forget it.. Lol.. I know everyone doesn’t hate cats but The majority of my family members were saying sorry I wish I could help but you know how I feel about cats. She moved in with me and lived in a large heated garage until I purchase our new home. She loves to go outside now.

  12. Stephanie says:

    This is my second pregnancy and i noticed that this pregnancy is def. different then my 1st, i too cry for the most random things, not only that but im annoyed with my husband 70% of the time, im moody, and don’t like to be bothered…I feel like ive lost most of control over my emotions but when i am having a good day i feel like im walking on sunshine and no one can bring me down. Is it possible for me to have a "reversable" case of bi-polar or is it just my pregnancy. Im usually an up beat and glass half full type of person and now im just all over the place.

  13. Shamica says:

    i am very emotional and usually i am like a stone. i am VERY snappy which is my usual but now it’s towards ppl i would usually tolerate. evrything little thing annoys me. from ppl’s voices to asking me a question i think is stupid. i was already a strong minded person and very strict with my kids but this pregnancy made it worst but at the same time extra sensitive. it wasn’t this bad with my first 2.

  14. Liz Fisher says:

    I’m 16 weeks pregnant, and I seriously started crying reading this. My first pregnancy with my son wasnt so bad, this time around 1 word can make be bawl like a baby.

  15. heather says:

    When I got pregnant with my daughter I found that I cried frequently. Often times about nothing, and I do mean nothing. It could be the fact that I didnt like where someone put one of my nick-nacks to getting the wrong type of cheese at the grocery store. I honestly cried about everything and anything that happened around me. If I didnt get a hug first thing in the morning I cried. If my fiance left the house and didnt give me a kiss and say ‘I love you’ before he left I would cry untill he got back, and worst of all, if he didnt respond fast enough to me when i said ‘I love you’ then I would burst into tears. I was a crying mess. And when my daughter was born, I was even worse. If she cried I wanted to cry. When I saw her the first time I burst into tears. I honestly have not gone back to the way I was before I got pregnant, even though she was born a little over 2 years ago. I still cry at the stupidest things for absolutely no reason, but I can honestly say I wouldnt have it any other way.

  16. Sharon Ross says:

    I had to laugh upon reading this. At 38 weeks, I too find myself crying over the oddest things. I can also relate to “Parenthood” induced cry fest. I’m hoping for some increased stability after the baby and the hormones settle. Thanks for the chuckle.

  17. sdixon2012 says:

    Pregnancy has made me a cry baby. A commercial can bring me to tears. I hate it.

  18. I’ve been sappy all of my life. Pregnancy and motherhood just intensified it 😉

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