Incredible Newborn Baby Feeds Herself at Three Days Old

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Newborn babies do amazing things, every day; and parents have enjoyed their bragging rights and have shared their little ones’ triumphs for many years. However, it seems that new mom Onyi Chiedozie’s recent declaration has not only taken the lead for being extraordinary, it has halted others, forcing them into wondering if their babies are as amazing as they think.

Ammra weighed a healthy 6 pounds and 3 ounces when she was born.

What are Onyi’s bragging rights? Oh, it’s nothing big. Just that her three-day-old newborn baby can hold a bottle and feed herself.

This is such an incredible achievement for Onyi’s daughter, Ammra. The physical milestone, alone, is nearly impossible for any three-day-old baby to fulfill. (Some parents are still struggling to persuade their 10- to 12-month-old child to hold a bottle.) 

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According to this article, even Ammra’s doctors couldn't quite believe it.  “Babies usually only develop the muscle strength and coordination to grasp object between the ages of six months and one year, however when her mother places a bottle in her hands Ammra is able to hold a bottle and feed herself.”

I’d like to think that if I had placed a bottle in my daughter’s hands when she was three days old, she would've been a superstar and done the same as Ammra. But I didn't, and my daughter didn't. So …

Onyi told reporters, “[Ammra] was crying as she was hungry and when we were feeding, she started shaking, then she just grabbed the bottle, she was holding it by herself.”

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Can your newborn feed himself/herself? At what age did your child complete this milestone? During the first week of life, most newborns work on perfecting the art of sleeping, eating, dirtying as many diapers as possible, and keeping mom and dad guessing about whether or not that was a smile, or simply gas. (Most babies won’t give you a “real” smile until eight weeks of age.) Nevertheless, we all know that each of our babies are definitely as amazing as we think they are. How could they not be?!

Congrats to Onyi Chiedozie! We can’t wait to hear about the other amazing accomplishments Ammra will make in the weeks to come!

Thinking of your own children, which of their astonishing and wonderful accomplishments are you most proud of?



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Incredible Newborn Baby Feeds Herself at Three Days Old

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  1. keisha says:

    I know she’s excited! But you should take a trip to Africa and see how the babies developmental skills are there! I would tell , but I know you wouldn’t believe it! you go and see for yourselves, the babies there are wayyyyy more advanced. Her little one went way back in the gene pool and got it something strong! ! 🙂

  2. klstar6909 says:

    My daughter, Zaya, could hold her bottle at 3-4 days old too. She was born 4 weeks early. Her doctors said that newborns have exceptional gripping strength.

  3. cassie says:

    I thinknits creepy how “she started shaking, then grabbed the bottle”…sounds like a scary movie where the kid ends up being possessed and what do you know, the name they chose, “Amarra,” now isnt that from the movie The Ring?? C’mon now, that chick was messed up in the movie; dont be bringing that into real life!! LOL, I’m only joking…but still. O_o


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