I Made This! 8 Fun Gift Ideas for the Kids to Make

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What are your kids giving their friends and loved ones for this year's holidays? If you're in need of some inspiration like I am, EverydayFamily has a wealth of ideas to help us out, and this week's round up is a collection of gift ideas that kids can make. Just click the “next” button to view some presents for parents, grandparents, and everyone in between.

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1. Kid-Made Book. Have you watched the Product Showcase segments? They’ve featured some awesome products, but out of all of them, the I See Me! booksare probably my favorite. Take a look! I thought it would be fun for kids to make something like it – to create a story about their cousins, siblings, mom, dad, or grandparents. Allison Lee featured a book about feelings that her friend had made for her child, you can see what she did here.

Kids love to make things for the people they love and care about. 

2.Homemade Play Dough. Is there any doubt that play dough is probably the greatest thing ever for a kid? It’s fun to play with, it is one of the best open-ended toys, and it is even fun to make! And it makes a great gift that any child would love to receive. Help your little one whip up a batch of dough, place portions of it in small containers, and attach a gift tag. 

3. Handful of Love. A “handful of love” is something everyone deserves to have. In the article featured here is a list of gift ideas for any occasion. My kids and their cousins used the “handful of love” idea, they turned out amazing and they had a blast making them, and watching the transformation process.     

4. Sharpie Dishware. Instead of having my kids pick out a gift from the store to give each other for Christmas, I have them choose something to make. Last year, my son painted a picture of an owl for his little sister; this year, he wanted to do something similar so he is going to create an owl dish set for her. Can you imagine how much fun your kids could have by creating a masterpiece on a new coffee cup for Dad? You can find all the details on how to make one right here.

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5. Cinnamon Toasted Nuts. Food Items are always fun to make with kids since they generally love to make messes, and they enjoy getting involved in the cooking process. Candied nuts are always a great neighbor gift. Becky Rosenthal makes the process pretty easy, and there are some steps that even our smallest ones can take part in. Find the recipe here.

Heart-felt gifts from a child, are the best gifts.

6. Headbands. Kathy is right about headbands being expensive. For the price of just one, you can make a set for a special someone on your gift list. They make a fairly easy project, and they offer an enormous amount of creative freedom, which makes this a perfect gift project for a child to do. 

7. Shadow Box. Shadow boxes are a great way to display favorite memories. They make a very sentimental gift, too. If your kids are searching for something special to give to someone they love and care for, letting them fill a shadow box full of favorite memories is sure to be a most unforgettable gift. You can see what Kathy and her kids did with their shadow box here.

8. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix. Homemade hot chocolate is another, fun-to-make-with-the-kids gift project. It’s simple and easy, and you can package it up in cute cello bags paired with a Sharpie mug

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Heartfelt gifts from kids are the best kind. And since they are the best, they of course, need to be presented as such. Here are three gift-wrap ideas that might just help your child choose how they want their receiver to first see their gift; you can also take a look at Lissa Coffey's ideas for gift wrap, too.

1. I've always let my kids make their own wrapping paper — it makes them happy to be able to draw something that reminds them of the person they are giving they gift to. It also eliminates the need for a gift tag since the cute little scenes they draw make it completely obvious who it is for.

2. You can put all of your empty Mason jars to use, just like Becky did, with a batch of homemade candied nuts.

3. Adorning packages with something else besides a bow can personalize it even more — maybe even using the “handful of love” project would work.

What are your kids going to make for the holidays? I want to know some of your creative gift wrapping ideas because I'm running out of ideas, so please do share. 

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I Made This! 8 Fun Gift Ideas for the Kids to Make

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