DIY Rescue: How to Fix a Broken Mirror

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Do you remember me telling you about all the mirrors that I have broken over the years? Well, there's another broken mirror that I didn't break. My son did. With his little face. He was sprinting to the the bathroom when he tripped and fell into the hallway mirror, face first. The bottom half of the mirror was in shards, but his face was intact, not even a scratch.

I'm terribly thankful that my little man's face was fine. Now about that mirror: I bought it from a thrift shop for cheaper than I could have gotten it at that one store. I thought about replacing it but when I saw the price of mirrors, I decided that I could totally live with a broken mirror. After paying just two dollars for a mirror, I couldn't bring myself to pay over five. 

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You may call me cheap, but whenever something breaks, I always, always try to figure out a way to fix it or make it into something else; that is what I did with the broken mirror — I fixed it with some moulding that I had sitting around, and a glass scoring tool that I bough years ago when I thought I'd make my own mirrored furniture (My ADD kicked in and I never got around to it, but now that I have broken mirror pieces … ). 

Anyway …

Here is what I did: 

Image via Melanie Denney

I simply scored the glass with my scoring tool; then I took a magazine and placed it over the score mark and then I started tapping lightly (With a small antler. Yes, a deer antler. Because that is what I had handy at the time. I could have used a rubber mallet or a high heel. Hammers, glass, and me don't mesh well.) I gradually increased the force of my tapping until the mirror broke along the line. 

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After I got the glass to break, I took my pieces of moulding, made a few mitered cuts, and glued them to the mirror. I ended up with a nicely framed mirror, and a non-smart phone grainy picture that doesn't do it justice. See…

Image via Melanie Denney

What do you do when something of yours breaks? Do you replace it? Do you fix it or save it for later so that you can turn it into something else? 

What do you think?

DIY Rescue: How to Fix a Broken Mirror

Melanie Denney lives in the smallest of towns, with her two little darlings. She has a Bachelor's degree and happily works as a full-time mother and a freelance writer, specializing in sociology and recreation leadership. ... More

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  1. Profile photo of susan susan says:

    I’m one to just throw broken things away, but my hubby, he’s the fixer…

  2. Profile photo of RaeleneRamos RaeleneRamos says:

    OMG soooo funny! I can just picture you tapping away with that deer antler and blowing stray bangs out of your face as you concentrated on that piece of glass. Thanks for the post. Glad your kid is Okay after the mirror dive. Now I will continue my quest for the broken glass fix. My mirror is antique and I want to save the frame AND the special glass, if possible. Best regards

  3. Profile photo of matt matt says:

    gee , youre good.

    I will try to get good quotes, but it is looks like being about 1/2 to 1/3rd of the whole installation, just for 1 mirror to be replaced,,,!! damn!

  4. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    Being a single mom for 19 yearsand no prospects in the forseable future,I had to learn to take care of myself.I can tackle most any project from flooding basements to changing a tire of that I have actually taught myself quite a bit by trying to fix things, learning more and more (by trial and error and trial again) picking up tips in articles and off the internet and just by asking a few questions. Its fun, interesting, money saving and it makes you feel great when you are in control and can take care of things yourself. And people are very impressed when they figure out your a fantastic DIYselfer!

  5. great idea and is always amazing to see the crafty ideas that people come up with…. ps you never know what you can find in a thrift store… We love those places

  6. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Wow! I don’t know if I’d be able to do that myself! You rock! 🙂

    • Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

      By the way, my husband and I were both raised in a tradition not to use any broken glass, mirror and the like. Even chipped off plate. Elders said it’s badluck. We don’t question the tradition and find ourselves following the same 🙂
      Not meant to harm you and others creative enough to fix broken things. Just sharing our piece 😀


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