How to End E-mail Overload

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"Arial","sans-serif"”>If you’re anything like me, your inbox is cluttered with newsletters you no longer care about, promotions and sales from your favorite stores, and other stuff that you don’t want to read right this minute – but you do anyway, taking time away from more important tasks.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>Until now, the only way to de-clutter your e-mail inbox was to manually unsubscribe from companies you no longer wanted to hear from, or to organize your email with folders and automatic filtering. But even these tasks can be really time-consuming. As a result, we all tend to just let those garbage e-mails pile up, day after day.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>A new beta service called is looking to make e-mail overload a thing of the past.

"Arial","sans-serif"”> takes care of two important e-mail organization tasks: first, it lets you unsubscribe from multiple senders with the click of a button. Then, it takes all of your other e-mail, organizes it into categories, and sends it to you in a daily “rollup” for you to read when you want, if you want.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>It’s like having an assistant sort through your mail for you to read once per day – only this assistant is free!

"Arial","sans-serif"”>Here’s how it works.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>You sign up for the service by allowing to access your e-mail account (it never stores your password). scans your account and displays a list of sites with whom you have opted in to receive communications. E-mails from these senders will be included in your daily rollup – meaning you will no longer receive an individual e-mail in your inbox from that party.

"Arial","sans-serif"”> If you want to unsubscribe, you simply click a “minus” icon, and takes care of unsubscribing for you. If you want that e-mail to come directly to your inbox, you click the “return to inbox” icon. Easy-peasy.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>You can choose what time your daily rollup is delivered – morning, afternoon, or evening.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>When you receive your daily rollup e-mail from, you’ll be delighted. It’s fun and easy to use. All that junk mail is now organized for you. Scan through the list of e-mails – if there’s one in particular you want to read, simply click on it and the e-mail will open up in a browser window. You’ll see all the details of that email, and also be able to scroll through all the other emails in that rollup.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>Here’s an example. I clicked on a Living Social deal e-mail that was included in my rollup. launched a browser window for me to read this e-mail. At the bottom, the other e-mails in my rollup are viewable. I can toggle through them and only read the ones that interest me for the day.

"Arial","sans-serif"”> also keeps track of new subscriptions you sign up for, and auto-adds them to your rollup the following day. As always, you can manage which subscriptions you receive directly in your inbox and which you receive in the rollup with a simple click of a button.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>This little service has revolutionized my life.

"Arial","sans-serif"”>By being able to unsubscribe from multiple newsletters at one time, I reduced my subscriptions from over 60 to less than 20 in 5 minutes. I would never have taken the time to manually unsubscribe from 40 email newsletters without

"Arial","sans-serif"”>My e-mail inbox is no longer overloaded. I check e-mail every morning when I wake up, and normally have 40 to 60 e-mails in my inbox – most of them promotional and NOT urgent. Since using, I average about 5 e-mails every morning. Hurray!

"Arial","sans-serif"”>Another side benefit I’ve found from using is that I am spending much less money. Why? Because now, I’m merely skimming through those promotional e-mails in my rollup instead of reading each individually. The less I read, the less likely I am to click through and buy!

"Arial","sans-serif"”>I love It’s made my e-mail inbox so much less overwhelming. Currently, only supports Gmail and Google Apps accounts, but they’re working to add Yahoo, AOL Mail, and other accounts soon. If you’re on Gmail, I highly recommend giving this free service a try!

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How to End E-mail Overload

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    It only supports gmail….

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    Um, I LOVE this! Thanks Gigi for sharing with us!! I’m going to share with all my friends now too, plus go sign up 🙂

  3. i only delete them when my inbox has a lot of emails

  4. my inbox is always full…


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