5 Tips to Dress up Your “Mommy Uniform”

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Jeans are my kryptonite. They require me to suck and tuck and, once I’m finally in, exhale like I’m the Big Bad Wolf trying to blow down a house. Rarely do I suck-and-tuck willingly. You can normally find me in elastic waist anything or skipping the waist all together and going with a dress. 

When my daughter was three months old, I dyed my hair black. It was an absolute disaster. As a natural blonde, I looked like I could have been a short and soft-in-the-middle sister of a sparkly vampire. I think I wanted a quick, easy change.  I was probably on day 15 of no bra and sweat pants, so obviously my judgment was way off.

If I could hop in a DeLorean and travel back to my early postpartum self, I would say forget the dye job and take a nap. After my nap, I would do a five minute run down of the things I could do that day to get me out of my frump rut.

Forget the DeLorean, this is starting to sound like A Frumpmas Carol where three older versions of myself travel to New Mom Liz bringing her tidings and goodwill from the future.

And lip gloss.

For me, the mom uniform always amounted to my hair up, sweat pants on, and stains on my shirt. Then, after at least a week trapped in the house, I would emerge and not recognize myself in anything that resembled a mirror. So, the sliding doors at the food store.

But if this really is A Frumpmas Carol, here is what the older, shinier lipped me would say on how to quit the mom uniform. Or, we could just say how to be comfortable and fabulous.

  • I may hate jeans, but they are an option for a whole host of new moms. They instantly perk up anything. Or, do the next best thing by keeping the comfort of a flexible waist by wearing cargo pants. 
  • Instead of dyeing your hair, why not get a trim. It’s a cost effective way to feel like a new, lighter you.
  • Skip the denim and wear leggings with a big sweater. Spice it up with a belt (wear it high for maximum comfort).
  • Find something that glitters. Glitter is to feeling good what unicorns are to fairy tales. I have a purple makeup bag that glitters and it always makes me feel better.
  • Seriously, lip gloss works wonders.

What would you tell your new mom self? And what is your mom uniform of choice?

What do you think?

5 Tips to Dress up Your “Mommy Uniform”

Liz Henry is the irreverent voice behind the award-winning blog The Six Year Itch. She lives with her daughter and her partner, Slasher, in Philadelphia. That's not his real name and that's not her real hair color. Her soft middle is totally real. Liz graduated summa cum lazy with a degree in English literature, which means she knows how to write properly, but rarely does. She loves Harry Potter and Luna is her favorite. ... More

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