How Do You Save Time in the Morning?

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Like many families I know, mornings tend to be our toughest time. Now that both girls are in school our morning routine has been amplified by twenty. We have two children to rouse from sleep. Two children to dress. Two children to feed. Two children who need to get together lunch boxes, backpacks, and related items before scurrying out of the door forty or so minutes after getting out of bed.

As the saying goes, it ain’t easy!

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This year, in my endeavor to become more organized (and to help the kids become more organized as well), I decided to create an organization station at the top of the stairs, between the girls’ bedrooms, that would contain the things they need the most in the morning: jackets, hats, shoes, and backpacks. The other item we have a tough time organizing, library books, got added to this station, because it is a central location in which we can keep all of the ten thousand books we check out each week.

To make this work we implemented a few rules.

  • After homework, backpacks get returned to their shelf.
  • After showers, girls spend five or ten minutes getting together their outfits for the day: pants, shirts, socks, shoes, jackets, and accessories. These then get placed on and around the shelf.
  • In the morning, when the girls first rise from bed, they are to go directly to the shelf, get their items together, and get ready for school BEFORE they come down for breakfast.

We have cut down our morning routine time so much that some mornings we have to wait around before leaving the house so we don’t get to school too early.

While some mornings are still harder than others, this station has cut back on the game ‘where is my stuff?’, which we used to play at least several times each week. It has given the girls a specific area to store their items. And it allows them to be more responsible and organized for and with their things.

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What organizational tricks have you used around your house to make your morning routine or going out routine flow more easily?

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How Do You Save Time in the Morning?

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