How Do You Save on Kids’ Clothing?

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It’s that time again! A change of season which, when you are the parent of a young child, you know means this:

The need to purchase clothes that fit!

I recall before my firstborn made her way into the world I went out and purchased a lot of newborn clothing. I was then told by several friends who had children before me that she would outgrow those clothes in weeks, if she wasn’t too big for them when she arrived. And she was. So those clothes didn’t get used.

I would then purchase clothes in her size and weeks later realize they no longer fit.

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Her growth has, of course, settled down some, but we still have to change clothing every new season. And by the end of this winter, my daughter had grown so much that her jeans fit more like crop pants in the legs. The problem, of course, is that if I go now and buy her new jeans that fit, she will use them for a few weeks before warm weather rolls in and then, next season when it cools, they will be too small.

Clothing kids can be a huge expense. So to cut back on the cost, we do the following:

  1. Shop second hand. We have a great kid’s consignment store in town. The girls don’t know the difference, and I can buy jeans for $5-$7 instead of the whopping $15 and up per pair they cost at the mall. I also take in clothes we no longer use. When they sell, we get credit. Oftentimes we are basically ‘trading’ clothes. Rarely do we have to spend a lot at these stores.
  2. Use coupons. When I do buy new, we try to shop at stores that offer incentives. I love Sears for their rewards program and coupons. I used to shop Penney’s and stopped when they did away with coupons. However, the other day I received a $10 off of $50 so we are going to make a Penney’s run soon. I also love Old Navy and have signed up for their email alerts.
  3. Swap out. I have friends with children of all ages. We sometimes swap out clothes. An older child will pass down her clothes that no longer fit and we will then pass down clothes of ours that no longer fit.
  4. Recycle. Jeans too short? Make denim shorts or a skirt! Long sleeved shirt have a stain? Cut them off and make a short sleeved top for summer! In this way, their clothes at least last a little longer.

How do you save money on clothing for your kids?

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What do you think?

How Do You Save on Kids’ Clothing?

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  1. BlackNBianco says:

    Great list, I think you should also add garage sales and ebay.

  2. BlakesMom says:

    JCPenny, Childrens Place, Walmart, Carters, and Garage sales are places I shop at for baby clothing. They all have clearance rack and very reasonable prices if not on clearance. Garage sales are also great! Majority of people have clothes that’s in wonderful condition and have only been worn once or twice! You really can’t beat that.

  3. Krystal says:

    Walmart is a very good place to go buy kids clothes!!

  4. We are currently expecting a daughter, and my husband was really excited to be having a daddy’s princess. We went to every store in town, and bought everything from clearance, sales, and even Goodwill racks. We refused to buy anything newborn, only 0-3 months, and even bought outfits in 3-6 months and a couple of 6-9 months, since clearance has also stuff from other seasons. Halen will be born in the summer

  5. jackie says:

    Costco and Walmart are great places to shop. I picked up 3 sets of pjs in 3t sizes yesterday at Walmart for $5 a set even though my son is only in 24months-2t currently. I also bought a lot of pjs at Costco for about $7 and saw the same ones at Babies r us a few weeks later for $20+ I always buy things in the next size up when I find great pricing on things so that when my son starts to enter the next size bracket he already has quite a bit of clothing and then I don’t find my self needing to pay a lot of Money for things. Just plan ahead and always keep an eye out. There’s nothing wrong with buying second hand… But if you can buy brand new for second hand pricing … There isn’t anything wrong with that either!!

  6. kelsey says:

    I just got a wardrobe of newborn, 0-3 and 3-6 outfits for my daughter. I just posted on facebook that I needed clothes and someone inboxed me that they could sell me a tote of clothes for $30. Some of the outfits will be too warm for my daughter this summer, but considering I have everything they used for the first few months, I think this deal was definitely worth it!!

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