Let’s Be Honest: C-Sections Are Never Lazy

Let's settle this once and for all. In no way shape or form, can a C-section ever be considered lazy. Period. The End.

If you haven't heard by now, actress Kate Hudson came under a whole lot of heat for her comment about her C-section in the October issue of Cosmopolitan. The issue also includes a celebrity “in their own handwriting” letter, where celebrities dish on some insider scoop about their lives. In this issue, Hudson was asked what the “laziest” thing she ever did was. And to that, she replied, “Have a C-section!”

As you can imagine, the comment was met with instant outrage. Several Cosmo readers took to Hudson's Instagram page to voice their feelings.

“I settled down in a relaxing bath to read my monthly Cosmo. When I got to your comment about c-sections, I felt hurt and confused,” wrote one. “After 22 hours of labor, my son was born via c-section. This occurred after pain meds wore off, and I felt the entire procedure. This was the most excruciating and mentally exhausting experience I have ever been through. I thought surely you were misquoted, misspoke, or something. I'm so disappointed that you haven't even come out with a statement about this. I'm so disappointed in you, as you are (“were”!) a role model for many.”

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“After my placenta abrupted, I hemorrhaged and my son had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck,” wrote another. “My choices were to get a c-section or risk our lives. Lazy me 😑”

Image via Instagram/ Kate Hudson

I honestly don't know the circumstances surrounding Hudson's own births and she certainly has the right to feel any way she wants to feel about her births. Maybe, to her, a C-section felt lazy? Maybe she was joking? Or maybe she had no medical reason to get a C-section so she thought somehow a surgery was “lazy?” I don't know. All I know is that she hurt a lot of women's feelings and contributed to one of the most dangerous and misleading stereotypes that exist about giving birth. 

A C-section is not the “lazy” way out of giving birth. It's insulting to the women who have gotten C-sections and it's harmful to women who may be considering them in the future because they truly do not understand all that goes into the surgery. There is a growing movement of women who want elective C-sections and it makes sense. Their bodies are their own and how can anyone argue that they don't have the right to choose to give birth in the way that they want to, even if that way is through a C-section? But unfortunately, I think there is still a large misconception about how difficult a C-section truly is. And comments like Hudson's–even if she meant it as a joke–contribute to that misunderstanding. 

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There is literally nothing easy about a C-section and just like giving birth vaginally, the surgery is different for every woman too. Some women truly might have an easier time recovering and some women might face serious complications from surgery. I have not had a C-section with any of my births. But I worked several years as an OB nurse and I can tell you that without a doubt: Even a perfectly-planned, totally elective C-section with no complications can't be compared to what a vaginal birth without any complications is like.


The recovery from a vaginal birth is by far a less physically grueling experience. I mean think about it, it only makes sense–the body is designed to give birth and can recover pretty quickly. Women can get up and walk around within minutes of a vaginal delivery without an epidural. A C-section, on the other hand, is a major abdominal surgery that affects every single part of the body. There are medications and anesthesia and your entire abdomen is cut through. It's major trauma for the body. It should never be treated lightly, despite how common and safe they are. 

That's not to say that vaginal births are always “easy” or without complications, of course. Labor and delivery is always unpredictable. And the point is, it's a losing battle to try to compare giving birth anyways. We all experience it differently and what's “hard” to one woman may be “easy” to another. So can we all just agree that there is no lazy way into (or through) parenthood? 

What do you think?

Let’s Be Honest: C-Sections Are Never Lazy

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  1. Erin says:

    I think its disgusting and incredibly distasteful that she would say something like this. I have 3 babies. I’ve had 3 c-sections. None by choice. Every labor was over 30 hours of unmedicated labor. Every surgery came as a devastating loss. Every recovery was intense and not without complication. Im’ sure for someone like her its ‘lazy’ because she has an army of people to meet her every need while she recovers and rests and enjoys her new baby. I’m sure she didn’t have to support her incision while vacuuming her floors, or wincing in pain every time she had to pick something up. Because the rest of us still had to do everything else, care for older children, and keep going without millions of dollars to pay for chefs and maids and nannies. So maybe HER c-section was lazy. Maybe its because SHE was lazy.


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