Why is Holly Madison Choosing to Get Induced?


Former Playboy Playmate and Reality Star Holly Madison is tired of waiting on her first baby’s arrival. The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Madison, who just finished the Alice and Wonderland themed nursery, will be checking herself into the hospital for an induction one day before her due date. She says, “We have decided to induce the delivery if necessary. I will go in Monday afternoon or early evening.”

The star also revealed that while she will let everyone know once the baby is here, that she will not be tweeting or updating the world while she is in labor. She plans to spend her time in the hospital, which she says could take “up to three more days.” with her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. It won’t be all diaper duty for Madison once her baby girl arrives though, she says, I’m feeling very relaxed, very, very happy, contented, yet a little restless with anticipation, but all is good,” she explains. “I’m ready now for the delivery. I can’t wait to be a mommy, although I’m not giving up my career.”

I know what she is feeling right now; it is such an exciting time waiting for your new baby to be born. However, I wish her and millions of other mothers out there would truly think about their choices before being induced. Except in cases of the mother’s health being substantially at risk wither due to high blood pressure or being extremely overdue, I think it is a poor decision to be induced. While I respect a women’s right to choose the way her birth will go, I do not think we as women are enough aware of the potentially life changing side effects of an induction. For me and many other women out there, an induction that was done to early or at the convenience of our doctor led to a painful C-section, which goes onto affect the births of all of your subsequent children. Women have been giving birth for years; we should let it happen when the baby is ready, and not when we are.

Were you induced? How do you feel about elective inductions?

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What do you think?

Why is Holly Madison Choosing to Get Induced?

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  1. nichole says:

    thats exactly how i felt about my induction. i went from lots of contractions with no pain at all, to all of a sudden HELLO and there is no time for your mind or body to get used to and manage the pain as it increases because of it.

  2. nichole says:

    i was induced, but it was because i had been having super close contractions that lasted a while, but with no pain. at the hosp my doc saw my daughters heart rate going down durring each contraction, but sence i was only at a 2, it was going to probably be a while until my body did its thing for her to make her great enterance into the world, so he induced to move it along so things didnt get worse for her. if it was for any other reason then health, i would have walked (or waddeld) outa the hosp. i was very firm that an induction or c section would only be done IF medically nessicary. womans bodys have been doing this for quite some time, and while some of us need help for sure, i dont think we should be rushing or "helping" things along just for convience perposes

  3. MamaCat says:

    I have an induction tentativly scheduled for 39 weeks (not for another two months) but it is a decision my doctor and I will make when the time comes. My first daughter was born very quickly and the fear is I won’t get to the hospital in time if I go into labor on my own so an induction is likely to be my best bet.

  4. I am due in a week and although it’s tempting to ask to be induced, I just feel that when my body and baby are both ready, it will happen. Neither of us are at risk at the moment so I will wait it out and hope he decides to come soon!

  5. dallana says:

    i did not know she was expecting , omg how beauitful , hey i respect her decision , to each their own

  6. Jody says:

    I’m pretty sure she already had her baby.

  7. Jessica says:

    To each her own, but I had great experiences with both my inductions. The Dr was fine as long as I was 39 weeks, and I had both my girls at 39w1d. My mother was induced after being overdue and had HUGE babies (my brother was almost 12lb), and I had the same "birthing hips" as she liked to call them. I wanted no part of that, so when I was already dilated to 4cm at 39w I decided to go ahead with it. I went in the morning, and had my babies around lunchtime. Epidural was great, hardly any pain, I was ready to meet my baby. I’ll take an induced birth with an epidural over 5 months of morning sickness anyday.

  8. Amanda says:

    I had to be induced because the midwife was concerned about my daughter’s heart rate. I would NEVER do unnecessarily. I was only in labor for about 7 hours, but during the last couple, my contractions were one right after another, with only about 5-10 seconds to recover between them. And they were unbearable. I had planned for a drug free birth, but ended up getting something that was supposed to dull the pain (it didn’t help at all). Everyone tells me being induced is much more painful than natural childbirth, and I hope it’s true, because I do not ever want to go through that level of constant pain again.

  9. NyraRoddey says:

    I had to be induced because i was almost 42 weeks. i would never do it voluntarily… it was horrible. i had contractions 45 seconds long every 2 minutes for over 16 hours. my body didn’t "ramp up" to that and therefore couldn’t handle it. i never want to do it again!

  10. Grace says:

    completely agree


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