Here’s What Today’s Modern Pregnant Mom Looks Like

If you're a first-time mom-to-be, you may be wondering how you will fit in with the rest of your pregnant peers. Motherhood can feel like you're joining the most exclusive (and sleep-deprived!) of clubs and it can be hard to know just where you fall in the round-up of different mothers. 

Will you be a cloth-diapering, exclusively breastfeeding mother? Will you choose formula feeding and have no guilt about it? Will you you work or stay home or create your combination?

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The truth is, there are no such thing as “labels” like these when it comes to motherhood. Sometimes, we do what makes us happiest and some times, frankly, we have no real choice in the matter (bills, I'm looking at you), so we simply hope for the best. 

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But it's nice to know that we're not alone and recently, Ovia Pregnancy asked its users, 63% of whom are first-time moms, just a few background questions to give us all a more accurate picture of what today's modern first-time mom to be looks like. Here's what they found: 

  • Today's modern mom is a millennial, with an average age of 26.8
  • She's a positive person and reports feeling happy twice as often as feeling sad
  • Our moms are hardworking, with 71% holding down a job
  • Mommy is also educated–58% attended college and 18% have a post-graduate degree
  • And she ain't no lightweight–today's modern mother reports that her favorite exercise is lifting weights!

You can check out more of the results from Ovia in the chart below! And tell us–do these traits describe you? 

Image via Ovuline

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Here’s What Today’s Modern Pregnant Mom Looks Like

Chaunie Brusie is a coffee mug addict, a labor and delivery nurse turned freelance writer, and a young(ish) mom of four. She is the author of "Tiny Blue Lines: Preparing For Your Baby, Moving Forward In Faith, & Reclaiming Your Life In An Unplanned Pregnancy" and "The Moments That Made You A Mother". She also runs Passion Meets Practicality, a community of tips + inspiration for work-at-home mothers. ... More

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