Heidi Klum Talks about Christmas after Divorce

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This holiday season will be a new experience for model Heidi Klum. The mom to four children, Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou, will be experiencing her first holiday season since splitting with Seal in January.

Heidi told US Weekly, “We're going to stay in LA possibly, get a big Christmas tree and we might go to Disneyland. We go all over the place. My children are everything for me.” These comments sparked speculation over whether or not Seal would take part in the holiday festivities.

The former pair of seven years originally said that they were still friends and planned to have an amicable split. Their friendship, however, became strained in September. That was when – in response to rumors that Heidi was in a relationship with her long time bodyguard Martin Kirsten – Seal said; “At least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help.”

Even though Klum now says they are on better terms, she still admits to a strained relationship. It seems that by staying in LA, Klum may be trying to keep Seal involved in the festivities.

If Klum is in fact staying in LA to keep her children close to their dad, I think that is great. Even though I am not a product of divorce, nor am I divorced myself; I think keeping both parents involved in the important days of the year is vital. I have seen the pain and turmoil that comes from having to juggle holidays with divorced parents. Especially during the first holiday after the split, keeping things as normal as possible is important.

If you are divorced, do you try to involve both parents in the festivities?

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Heidi Klum Talks about Christmas after Divorce

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  1. well i don’t know if other people like christmas all i know is that christmas is the best holiday specially cuz my bby is going to be here

  2. i love christmas who wouldn’t


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