Headed Back to Work Soon? Check Out These Tips to Help You Get Out the Door on Time

For many parents, the weeks of leave after the birth of a new baby are woefully short. While it’s well recognized that parents need months to recover after birth, bond with their new baby and establish good routines, many parents head back to work after just a few weeks. Having an appropriate amount of leave certainly helps new parents feel comfortable and confident heading back to work. But getting out the door on time can be challenging no matter how long you’ve had at home. Whether you’re going back to work when your baby is just a few weeks old or you’ve had a few months to settle into parenthood, the tips and tricks you use to get out the door on time will be similar. Check out the tips below to help your back-to-work mornings go smoothly!

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Pack everything the night before

Remember when you were a kid and your parent or caregiver taught you to lay out your clothes the night before in order to get to school on time? The same principle applies to your grown-up, back-to-work self. Now that you have a little one though you’ll need to lay out your clothes, pack your work bag, pack the baby’s bag and prep any bottles or formula your little one will need.

Load the car

Loading the car with a baby in tow can be surprisingly challenging. Instead of trying to juggle your baby and all your stuff in the morning, consider loading everything you can into the car before you head to bed. You won’t be able to load up your baby’s milk or your lunch bag but you’ll likely be able to put their diaper bag and any work supplies you need in the car.

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Don’t worry about dressing the baby

If you leave for work early in the morning, you’re probably pulling your baby out of bed to do so and, as any parent knows, the morning routine with a baby can be time-consuming. Instead of completing the full routine, consider doing just the things that need to be done and letting go of the rest. After waking your baby, consider simply nursing them and changing them before hitting the road. Most caretakers will be happy to get your baby dressed in their daytime outfit after they arrive.

Plan for mishaps

No matter how well you plan, you’ll likely experience something unexpected as you try to get out the door in the morning. Whether it’s spit-up on the shoulder of your work outfit or a blow out diaper just before you buckle your babies car seat, little setbacks can add up quickly. In order to get out the door on time, consider waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than you think you need to in order to build in a buffer for when the unexpected happens.


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Headed Back to Work Soon? Check Out These Tips to Help You Get Out the Door on Time

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