Happy Birthday, Lego!

Toy store shelves are largely stocked with games and gadgets that will be all but forgotten in a generation, as new and better toys move in to take their place. Yet, there are some toys that are so timeless, and so much fun, that their popularity endures decade after decade. If you were to try to come up with one or two classics, Lego would definitely be at the top of the list. In fact, Lego is so iconic that it has been named Toy of the Century – twice. The company has been around long enough that Lego is being run by the grandson of the company's founder.  

And this year, Lego is celebrating its 60th anniversary. What is it about Lego that allows it to endure?  

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Those interlocking, colorful bricks are timeless for a reason. They allow children to create anything from their favorite Disney characters like Lighting McQueen to Cinderella or to build free-form wherever their imagination takes them.  Kids of all ages can enjoy them, from the Duplos made just for little ones to Junior Sets made for budding builders, to more complex sets.  Lego has something for everyone from superheroes to Lego Friends. Unlike some other toys, the instructions are nearly always to follow and make sense, even for kids.  

The cult of Lego is real. Some collectible sets are sold for thousands of dollars, like the Millennium Falcon that sells for nearly $4,000. World-renowned artists use Lego as their medium and exhibit at some of the finest museums. Lego has inspired TV shows, movies, and theme parks.  They are used in education to teach engineering and other STEM skills.

Most importantly, Lego has provided hours and hours of fun for families all over the world.

To celebrate their birthday, Lego erected a 10-foot tall Lego brick in New York City and introduced a slew of new building sets.

What will you build?

What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Lego!

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