What Happened When I Hired a Housekeeper

You know how it's hip to be the type of mom that hates cleaning the house these days? Like oh, excuse the mess, memories are being made, and all that jazz?

Like, I get it, definitely to an extent. No house is ever going to be perfectly clean and frankly, that would be a pretty boring life. It's kind of like that one viral video of the “mom” hell-bent on cleaning your house until it's so sparkling and new it's like no one lives there, right? A clean house without any life in it = not a very good life. 

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But I admit that I'm also a way better mother and happy individual if there is some semblance of cleanliness and order to my home. I believe pretty firmly that my kids play better and that our mental health is better in a relaxed, calming, and clean(ish) environment. 

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So I've always tried to keep a relatively clean house. But somewhere in the last couple years, after we added a fourth baby to our house and I started working a lot more, cleaning went from something that kept me relaxed and happy as a mom to something was making me a very, very grumpy mother. 

I could not stay on top of cleaning even the most basic of things. Each and every day felt like a mad dash to survive, between my husband working two jobs and me working full-time from home with our four kids, nothing was getting done. And more than the fact that I felt like I was slowly drowning under a pile of dust and dirt was the fact that I was pretty miserable too. I found myself snapping at my kids, too exhausted to play with them, skipping out on fun experiences during the day so I could stay home and clean, and resenting my husband, even though he was doing all he could do to manage too. 

I finally decided to try something I had never, ever considered before and asked for recommendations for a local housekeeper. If I could think of it as an investment in my business (because any time not spent cleaning could be spent working, right?), it helped to ease my guilt a bit. And by asking for someone local, I knew I would be helping another mom build her own business too. 

So I bit the bullet and got a quote, bracing myself for the worst on how much it would cost me to hire someone else to clean my house. But I was shocked (in a good way!) when she gave me the price to clean my entire house, from top to bottom, that would cost me way, way less than a date night out. For a once-a-month deep clean to help me just stay ahead of the chaos for just a little while, I was totally willing to never take a date night ever again. Well, OK, maybe not forever, but you know what I mean. 

I've hired the housekeeper a total of three times now for a monthly deep clean and it's been a game-changer in my life. Obviously, not everyone has the same budget or family situation, but I guess in my mind I had always associated housecleaning as big bucks and never even bothered to actually look at how much it really costs, especially compared to what my time is worth as well. 


And while it's been nice to have some help with the cleaning, the most priceless benefit I have gained from hiring a housekeeper has been the fact that I no longer have to spend 24/7 stressing about how on earth I'm going to manage to vacuum and scrub the toilets. Like last weekend, when I woke up on Saturday, already frustrated and feeling behind even before I climbed out of bed, about how much needed to be done–until I realized that I didn't have to do it. 

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I didn't have to lock myself in the house and do all the cleaning all day like normal. Instead, I enjoyed my kiddos with a fun day outside playing in the sunshine and knew that come Monday, I would have a clean house again. It's such a little thing and it probably won't be forever, but in the short-term, for moms that just feel like they need a little temporary help, it might totally be worth looking into how much a housekeeper actually costs.

Like me, you may be surprised, and even better, you may find that you really can't put a price on the gift of being a happier, more relaxed mom. 

How do you feel about hiring a housekeeper?

What do you think?

What Happened When I Hired a Housekeeper

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  1. Terri Lynn says:

    My grandparents had a live in housekeeper, my parents had a live-in housekeeper, nanny, cook and yard man and my husband and I have a live-in housekeeper, nanny and gardener. I can’t imagine it any other way.


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