Awesome Mom’s Guide to Summer Safety

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Memorial Day, the unofficial first day of summer has passed and now it’s time to get ready for summer.

How do I get ready for summer at Casa de Awesome? I find a really sweet, grown-up-lady-sized hiding spot I can sneak into with my favorite snackage when my Dudes start driving me nutty.

And, I start thinking about safety.

As laissez faire as I am in my general parenting, I am pretty intense when it comes to keeping the Dudes safe. You know, in a non-helicopter-mom-the-5-second-rule-is-real sort of way. And particularly in the summer.


Because summer is dangerous!

Kids are out of school (which apparently is one of the safest places you can be, despite what watching the news has you thinking), they are riding in cars, swimming, playing on hot playgrounds, sitting in the sun, riding bikes, running on wet surfaces, and doing all sorts of really-fun-but-inherently-dangerous type stuff.

Research will tell ya, kids are way more likely to get hurt or worse in the summer months.

So, I’m bringing you the Awesome Mom’s Guide to Summer Safety.

For awesome moms everywhere…

awesome mom sunscreen
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Tip 1: Wear sunscreen

I don’t care if you’re brown. Brown people get skin cancer too (seriously, it’s a fact). And, looking old prematurely is really not cute. The sun will kill you and/or age you. If those aren’t good reasons to sunscreen up then I don’t know what is.

awesome mom kids in pool
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Tip 2: Watch your kids at the pool

Even if it’s lifeguarded. Even if they can swim. Even if there are a bunch of family members and friends around. Even if your pool is in your own backyard (kids ages 1 – 4 are most likely to drown in their own dang pool!). Watch. Your. Kids. It takes only seconds for a child to drown. Or get brain damage from lack of oxygen. Supervision is really your only defense against that stuff.


awesome mom cpr
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Tip 3: Learn CPR

In the event that the above tip doesn’t work out, knowing how to save your kiddo may come in handy. This is actually a year round tip.

awesome mom drink water
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Tip 4: Drink a lot

No, not wine silly (although that’s probably fair advice too), water. Staying hydrated during the summer is integral to keeping people from passing out while outside. Passed out mom at the pool is not a good look. Passed out kid at the pool is even scarier.

awesome mom inside activity girls
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Tip 5: Avoid the hot part of the day

If possible. The time between 10 and 4 each day is when you are most likely to get sunburny and passy-outty if you spend it outside. So, bust out the TV those workbooks and craft buckets and stay inside.


awesome mom abandoned house
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Tip 6: Don’t let your kids play in abandoned houses

Not that you ever would. But, wood piles, overgrown fields, and stagnant water are just as creepy when it comes to summer insects (and snakes, shiver). Bee stings, mosquito bites, and the like are just a part of childhood for most of us, but getting tangled up with something more dangerous, contracting a serious illness (West Nile and Lyme disease are two of the most likely), or finding out you’re allergic can be fatal. Best to avoid those things whenever possible by staying away from insect havens (think abandoned houses) and using a repellent.

awesome mom fridge
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Tip 7: Use your fridge

Because food poisoning is the truth and it’s more likely to hit you in the summer months. Leaving your potato salad out at your next picnic could get you a crash course in it. And, I think it’s safe to say that: YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. You really don’t want to anyway.

awesome mom summer shoes
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Tip 8: Buy your kids decent shoes

From my former days in the classroom, this one is actually a bit of a stickler with me. I get it, flip flops and sandals are cute. However. They are so unsafe for playground play it’s not even funny. I can’t even tell you how many bloody toed little people I had to treat during my elementary school years. All because they were rocking the flops. Cover up those toes mama. Your children will thank you.


awesome mom summer fire safety
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Tip 9: Teach fire safety

As in, tell your kids to stay away from the light. Never let them play around the BBQ pit or the bonfire. It seems intuitive but I’m reminding you for a reason.

awesome mom fun summer kids trampoline
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Tip 10: HAVE FUN!

As long as you do it safely of course!

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Awesome Mom’s Guide to Summer Safety

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