What is the Grossest Thing You Have Found in Your Car Since Becoming a Parent?

Parenting is not always glamorous. With so many things going on a once, sometimes we parents forget about something. Or miss something that doesn't seem important now (but will be later!). While this situation can apply in all areas of life, it seems to happen in cars a lot! What is the grossest thing you have found in your car since becoming a parent? We asked real parents, and here is what they shared!

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Christina W: There have been so many homemade experiments done in my cars over 13 years I don’t know which one is the grossest. A moldy cup holder that my child failed to mention she spilled milk in and left it there to become cottage cheese and stink the car up for a week. A leftover lunch bag with what I assume was a half-eaten sandwich. Maybe the poopy explosion that made you REALLY just want to throw everything in the trash … but first, you have to figure out how to get the child out without getting poop all over yourself (yeah, like that will happen!). Or is it the time your husband changed a very poopy diaper in the car on a 100 degree summer day and “forgot” about it. Yeah … parenting is great!!

Samantha M: A well hidden tied up Walmart bag in the dead of summer with … cheese in it! The grossest thing ever! Ding ding, that's where the maggots were coming from. But that smell … OMG!!!!!!

Savannah C: Old sippy cup of milk or what I'm pretty sure was originally a muffin that had sat in there so long it looked more like a mushroom.

Cheryl M: My daughter, when she puked all over herself and the car seat.

Desha W: Projectile vomit under the seat and in the speakers!

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Cyndi A: One Word: Maggots!

Carrie P: I had zero time between three jobs and sleep with a child as a single mother. So we ate in the car on the way to wherever he was being watched. About four years in I wrecked my car. I found a chicken nugget in the back pocket of the seat that was rock hard. But looked as it did on day one. Eww …

Ashley H: A grape that had practically turned to a raisin. 

Megan J: We actually had a squirrel break in! Took a dump in the infant car seat and nearly ate the entire lining and padding off of the toddler car seat 

Jennifer W: I found a rotten apple under the seat recently.

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What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever found in your car since becoming a parent? Share in the comments!

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What is the Grossest Thing You Have Found in Your Car Since Becoming a Parent?

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