Tips for a Great Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s

With the holidays approaching, you may be planning for a little one’s sleepover – with or without you.  Time away can be great for kids, parents, and grandparents alike. With a little planning, a great sleepover is all but assured. The experts at Finn + Emma have some tips to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

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For small children, it’s important to create an environment at the grandparents’ house that feels warm, welcoming, safe, and somewhat familiar, so as to not make the kids fearful. Going to see Gran and Gramps needs to become, over time, a very positive experience and there are lots of ways you can ensure that it does. Below are just a few steps to take to do this:

Take it in stages

It’s not realistic to drop your three-month-old off with grandparents or other relatives that the child has never met before and take off for a romantic weekend. While it’s not always possible, especially if you live far away, It’s better if you can introduce everyone more slowly, with several visits that are ever-increasing in length, beginning with only an hour or two and progressing towards an overnight visit. Even if you live far away, it’s possible to acclimate your child to their grandparents. How? Skype or FaceTime is a great way! The kids can see faces and hear voices long before they meet their grandparents in real life. They can even get a virtual tour of their grandparent’s home this way. 

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Find a favorite book

If your child has a favorite book, make sure that the grandparents have a copy to read. Nap time will be so much easier if the grandparents can share this familiar and favored story with their grandchild. Reading a cherished story is also a great bonding experience for both sides! A new favorite is This is Not A Normal Animal Book by Julie Segal Waters.

Keep the toys familiar

Make sure that the grandparents have safe, interactive, and colorful toys that your child is familiar with. Either bring your own set or, if the child will be spending time at their grandparents' house on a regular basis, it might be worth investing in a second set of the most favored or larger items. 

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How do you help prepare your children for a great sleepover?


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Tips for a Great Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s

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