Listen Up! Great Podcasts Your Kids Will Love Listening to With You

Many parents today remember listening to books on tape when they were kids. Whether it was in the car on a long trip, as they fell asleep at night or with their siblings on rainy afternoons, listening to stories often brought real joy. While kids today still enjoy hearing stories, they now have the option to learn about all kinds of things through podcasts. If your child is eager to learn and loves to listen, consider introducing them to one of the great podcasts below!

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Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

This regular show includes music that your kids and the whole family will love. Tune in as you're cooking, cleaning, or getting your kiddo ready to get out the door in the morning.

Wow in the World

This podcast (brought to you by NPR) gives parents and kids a whole new way to connect. This podcast features topics that range from outer space to inside of the human brain. By listening (and learning) together you and your kids will become even more deeply connected.

Peace Out

This is the perfect podcast for a child who needs a little bit of support to calm down or chill out. While it can be played any time of the day, many parents have found it to be particularly helpful for helping a child wind down before a nap or at bedtime. 

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Story Time

If you’ve got a child who has an appetite for more stories than you can make up, consider turning in to Story Time. This podcast features stories that will delight any little one and be sure to leave them on the edge of their seat!

Story Pirates

Your child is sure to love this podcast in which actors play out stories written by children. You’ll also likely delight in the goofy antics of the on-air actors and be more than agreeable when your child asks for “more!”

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Listen Up! Great Podcasts Your Kids Will Love Listening to With You

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