Goodnight, Baby. Getting Your Infant to Sleep.

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Did you know that newborns sleep about 16 hours a day? It is hard to believe, especially when you are so incredibly tired. 

How do you handle the exhaustion?

If you're a first-time parent we've got a pretty good idea what your nights are going to be like, which is why we've got a long list of EverydayFamily articles, blogs, and other tips to help — just for you.


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Is your infant having trouble falling asleep? We know how it feels to have an infant who has trouble falling asleep, and we want you to know in those late-night hours that you aren't alone, so we've gathered some great tips and advice from around EverydayFamily, so that you and your little infant might be able to get some much needed rest.

1. Sleeping Like a Baby.  Jeannie Fleming-Gifford discusses the importance of routine and consistency, while touching on some other helpful sleep tips.

2. How to Get Your Baby to SLEEP! If you're looking for a good book on baby sleep solutions, Jeannie has rounded up a collection of five of her picks. Take a look, they may be worth the read.

3. Swaddling: The Baby Sleep Secret. With some babies, the key to sleep is swaddling. Read about the benefits of the swaddle, and watch a video to learn how to master the wrap.

4. 6 Tips for Creating a Soothing Bedtime Routine.  Katie Hurley so generously shares her kids' bedtime routine.

5. 5 Things I Learned About Baby's Sleep.  Alison Lee offers advice and encouragement to sleepy parents, as she shares what she has learned from her little ones.


6. The “Good Sleep” Registry.  Jennifer Bruno compiles a registry full of products that you must try. Mindi Stavish also gives a fabulous list of baby gear, and diapering tips that you must know about in How to Help Your Newborn Sleep Better.

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We so want our babies to sleep, but we worry about their sleep safety. Here are some good reads that will help you keep your little one sleeping safe and sound.

1. Should You Allow Your Baby to Sleep With You?  Some say you should, and some say you shouldn't. Dr. Cheryl Lane helps clear up the confusion.

2. Safe Sleeping for Your Newborn.  Heather Slee shares some information about SIDS.

3. Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep on His Back.  Since the recommended sleep position for a baby is on his back, Stef Daniel shares some tips to help your infant get comfortable with back sleeping. 

4. Sleeping Safe and Sound.  After Jeannie gives her great sleeping tips, she shares some very important safety tips for baby.

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How much sleep do you and your infant get?

Please do share your baby sleep tips!

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Goodnight, Baby. Getting Your Infant to Sleep.

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  1. Shaday says:

    My little boy gave me a hard time sleeping but…every time i looked at him i knew I had to take a deep breath and calmly quite him down also i couldn’t get upset the simple fact that he was so cute and small


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