Glowing and Growing: Tips to Keep Your Winter Pregnancy Happy and Healthy


Being pregnant in the winter has its perks. There’s the forgiving clothing that makes it easier to feel good about your growing body, the expectation of lots of cozy snuggles, and – of course – the endless hot chocolate. Winter pregnancy also has its drawbacks though. Being cooped up inside can make it tough to get the exercise you and your baby need, the harsh weather can wreak havoc on your hair and skin, and all the cozy cuddling and hot chocolate can lead to some weight gain you went expecting. If you’ve got a little one on the way this winter, you know how important staying healthy and happy is. Check out the tips below to add some health and happiness to your winter pregnancy.

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Get moving

During the winter months, many people spend a lot of time indoors. Whether it’s the slush piled up on the sidewalk, the ice on the road, or the serious cold, it can sometimes seem more comfortable to grab your biggest blanket and park it on the couch instead of heading outside to walk or run. To ensure you’re getting the movement you need, consider walking a few blocks around the office, popping in a workout video at home, or finding a gym/indoor pool you can use.

Check your diet

While winter often inspires families to cook big, hearty meals, eating super rich foods in excess can lead to weight gain that you weren’t’ expecting. Instead of popping in a meatloaf each evening, consider making a big, healthy salad or vegetable casserole. Both of these dishes can be personalized with a little extra protein or sides that are extra filling!.

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Find a good moisturizer

Cold weather winter often leads to dry skin and chapped lips. When you’re pregnant your skin can be even more sensitive. Shop around for a good moisturizer and be sure to apply it each day!

Kick back and relax

No matter what time of year you’re pregnant it’s important to make sure that you’re not constantly stressed. Take an inventory of what stresses you during the winter months and commit to simplifying your life and reducing your stressors.


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Glowing and Growing: Tips to Keep Your Winter Pregnancy Happy and Healthy

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