What Gifts Should Go Under the Tree for Your Brand New Baby?

If this will be your little one's first Christmas, you’re probably getting pretty excited about starting some fun family traditions and seeing your baby enjoy the magic of the season. While your little one won’t understand exactly what’s going on, you probably want them to share in the magic by getting them at least a few small presents. While that might seem easy, babies can actually be pretty tough to shop for. Especially a brand new baby. Check out the ideas below to help you fill your brand new baby's stocking!

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Go for the essentials

While babies don’t understand everything about the world around them they do know when they’re feeling clean, warm, full, and safe. This Christmas, focus on getting your brand new baby things that you know will be useful. While diapers and wipes might not seem like the most exciting gifts, they’re essential to baby’s comfort. If you want the gift of essentials to feel special, consider splurging on a slightly fancier version of whatever you might normally buy.

Start a tradition

Often, when people think of Christmas, they think of one or two special family transitions that give the season meaning. This year consider starting a tradition that you’ll continue as your baby grows. Consider buying a special ornament or making a donation to a charitable organization in their name. 

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Get something they’ll use in the coming months

If there’s one thing that both wonderful and terrifying about babies, it’s how quickly they grow. Use the Christmas season to stock them up on things that they’ll use in the coming months even though they’re not quite ready for them now. Consider toys that they’ll enjoy as they grow. Or clothes for the next season in a size or two up.

Grab a book

Babies are never (literally never) too young for books. This holiday season, expand your brand new baby’s library with books that have elements they can touch and feel as well as books with bright pictures or soothing lines. 

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What are some of your favorite gifts for a brand new baby? Share in the comments!

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What Gifts Should Go Under the Tree for Your Brand New Baby?

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