Getting Crafty with the Kids: Shadow box Gift Idea for Teachers


Each year I try to do some type of crafty project for my daughters’ teachers to show how much we appreciate the hard work they do with our kids each day. One year I had the kids in my daughter’s class write their names on a ceramic plate I purchased and my daughter painted. We gave this to the teacher at the end of the school year.

This Christmas I embarked on another crafting project for my oldest daughter’s teacher. I purchased a pretty, white-framed shadow box and scrapbooking supplies at Michael’s and then took a picture of the entire class together, seated outside, with the teacher.  I developed the picture and put it together on a scrapbooking sheet with different embellishments.

Here’s a picture of the almost finished product. I’ve whited out the picture of the class for privacy purposes. The kids will sign with a black sharpie around the photograph on the pink paper and I will use the card at the top to add in the name of the teacher, the year and the grade.

The gift is meaningful without breaking the bank, since I purchased the frame at Michael’s with a forty percent off coupon and the scrapbooking pieces on sale. My kids were able to help pick out the supplies and put together the scrapbooking page and, best of all, the teacher can keep the gift forever to remember this school year!

Here’s how to make a shadow memory box page for your child’s teacher:

You’ll Need
Shadow box (get one that includes spacers so you can choose how deep/shallow to make the picture) 
Stickers and other embellishments
A photo of the entire class
Pen for the students to sign their names

How to Make
Take a photograph of the entire class together.
Scrapbook the photograph using stickers and embellishments. Leave room for signatures.
Have each student sign his/her name or write a one letter adjective to describe the teacher.

Do you get crafty when it comes to gifts for your child’s teacher? If so, what’s your favorite one to make?

Photo courtesy of Kathy Murdock

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Getting Crafty with the Kids: Shadow box Gift Idea for Teachers

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