Getting Crafty with Kids: Marshmallow Bunnies

If you’re looking for something edible and fun to do to use as Easter party favors or just cute edible decorations at your home, this is it!

This past week the girls and I sat down and created bunny rabbits out of marshmallows, icing and a few additional supplies.

Everything we used we either had or I purchased at the dollar store, so this is a fun and inexpensive craft you can do with the kids!

One tip: Marshmallows, as you know, are sticky when they are cut. They will stick to your kids’ fingers (and anything else they come into contact with, including hair!).  Be prepared for your little ones to be covered in goo at the end of this project. Now, if you aren't afraid of that, here's what you do!

Here’s what you need!

Icing (we made ours from 2 cups confectioner’s sugar, one egg white and a tablespoon of water, but any icing will work as it acts as the ‘glue’)
Large marshmallows
Food coloring for changing the color of the icing
Sprinkles (pink for inside of ears if you want)
Toothpicks for adding on the icing and face details
Small paper cups (dollar tree, 24 for $1)
Streamers or tissue paper (I got streamers at the dollar store)
Glue gun for creating the ‘basket’ with the streamers

Mix icing if you are doing this step from scratch.  

Cut the large marshmallow into three pieces. Make two one-quarter pieces and one a one-half piece.  
With scissors or a sharp knife, create the ears by cutting one of the quarter pieces down the middle and shaping ‘ears.’
Using pink sprinkles or colored icing, ‘paint’ or sprinkle the inside of the ears to make them pink.
Stick the ears onto the second quarter piece, which will become the face, in the back of the face (non-sticky side). You might need to use a bit of icing to get the ears to stick.
Stick the head piece onto the one-half piece of marshmallow, which will act as the body.
Using a knife or scissors, cut a V shape into the front of the body so it looks like your bunny has legs. (You can skip this step if you want!)
Create the face by using icing and/or sprinkles.


This part can be tricky! We used toothpicks to draw on the face. My girls created bows by using one larger sprinkle and colored icing.


Rip streamer into small pieces.
Hot glue streamers around the side and bottom of the small paper cup.

Place the marshmallow bunny inside the basket. Add jelly beans, chocolate balls, or other candy around the marshmallow bunny. Enjoy!


TIP: At our Dollar Tree, I found Jelly Belly jelly beans in the shape of peas and carrots! They are yummy (no, they don’t taste like veggies!) and make a really cute filler for the basket.

Images courtesy of Kathy Murdock

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Getting Crafty with Kids: Marshmallow Bunnies

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