Get Ready for the Best Preschool Summer Ever

Preschoolers, and preschool graduates, may be experiencing their first summer break, or their last summer before starting what will be the annual fall ritual of going back to school.  Either way, it’s time to make your preschooler’s summer magical – with a little bit of learning snuck in to be sure they are ready for a classroom once September rolls around. 

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Pop-Oh-Ver:  Summers with a preschooler at home doesn’t have to mean toys take over your home.  Check out the ingenious Pop-Oh-Ver kitchen sets.  They simply pop-over an ordinary chair to give your child the same play-kitchen experience as those expensive sets that aren’t just huge but take a long time to put together.  These sets fold up for storage and can even be packed for travel or an overnight at Grandma’s. 

Animoodles:  Cuddly and interactive?  These five-star rated Animoodles toys on Amazon are adorable and let children use their imaginations to take these stuffies apart and put them back together again.  Mix-and-match different animals!  It’s a great way to teach kids about the animal kingdom and body parts while allowing them to create their own creatures at the same time.

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Racers:  Summer is the perfect time to introduce your preschooler to the magic of remote-controlled toys.  Check out this Playmobil RC Racer that even little ones can control on the sidewalk (or the kitchen floor).  Another fun option is the Max Flex RC flexible track racer set that comes with a remote control car.   

Roller:  It’s rare for a preschooler to sit still.  Channel that energy to somewhere other than climbing all of your furniture with a fun Roller Wheel.  Kids can hang in the wheel themselves to rock back and forth or play with siblings or a parent to get rolled around for maximum laughs. 

Barbie: Barbie is a classic but she’s gotten several make-overs lately which mean she should get a second look.  Her latest incarnation is with her career of the year – Robotics Engineer.  She also got a new look with more realistic proportions in her Fashionista Curvy Barbie line.   


Play-Doh: Play-Doh is a great choice of any preschooler.  It’s not just fun to play with, but it’s great for strengthening little hands, teaching colors, and pleasing sensory-seekers.  Check out individual containers or get a fun set like something from the kitchen line or the octopus set that comes with accessories for even more fun. 

Playfoam Pals:  Playfoam Pals are a great choice of an all-in-one toy that fits in your purse.  These balls come with a creature hidden inside then kids can use the foam to build a house, car, etc. for their new little friend.  This is another great option to help strengthen kids’ hands to get them ready for all of the drawing and letter-tracing they will be doing in kindergarten.   

Dinosaurs:  Did someone say dinosaurs?  While your preschooler isn’t likely to see Jurassic World anytime soon, we have yet to meet a preschooler not fascinated by dinos.  Let their imagination soar with the Hidden Temple with T-Rex set from Playmobil.

Drawing Desk:  Get your preschooler ready for homework, or at least get them a place to draw and do crafts that does not involve ruining your kitchen table.  Check out this small-footprint Study-n’-Play Desk and stool set from American Plastics.  Grab some Blendypens to make drawing time more interesting than just plain crayons.

Legos:  Preschoolers and Legos go together like milk and cookies.  Duplos are preschooler-safe and let kids’ imaginations run wild.  This five-star rated playground set is one of Lego’s more popular Duplo sets and even comes in it’s own brick-shaped container.  Getting ready for a trip?  Try the adorable airplane set. 


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STEM & Learning Challenges:  Kids may roll their eyes, but learning really can be fun.  A good way to get preschoolers ready to love learning for the next 12+ years of school is to introduce them to educational games and activities they will love year.  Check out this Learning Resources Pendulonium Stem Challenge  that includes multiple challenges kids can figure out themselves.  Or, let them build with their very own Amusement Park Engineer set that comes with enough pieces to build 20 models – or to allow your child to come up with their own ideas. 

Another fun idea is to get a microscope designed just for kids that allows kids to take a closer peek at the included slides or leaves and bugs they find in the yard.  Pair this with a Young Scientists kit featuring Clifford the Dog.  Designed for ages three and up these kits get the little scientists performing experiments on concepts related to everything from rainbows to animals.   

Another option? Check out the Highlights preschool and kindergarten books that provide hours of fun over the summer.  Or challenge them with a cooperative game made just for the preschool set like Haba's Karuba Junior that focuses on working together.

Be sure to also work in lots of outings, unscheduled time for your preschooler to let you know what they want to do, and just enjoy the slower pace of summer!

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Get Ready for the Best Preschool Summer Ever

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