Get Fit as a Family

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“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”       Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

According to the American Heart Association, kids spend an average of three to four hours a day watching TV, and inactive children are more likely to become inactive adults. The AHA states that healthy lifestyle training should start in childhood to promote cardiovascular health in adult life. Exercise is important to keep both the mind and the body in good shape.

As parents, we are living examples for our kids. We can make it a family routine to get outside and exercise every chance we get! Whether it’s a morning walk, a bike ride, a hike, or a backyard football game, physical activity is a great way for us to spend time together, and model good health habits at the same time.

Experts at the Harvard School of Public Health say that exercise is really the foundation of the Food Pyramid. 60 minutes a day is recommended. Exercise doesn’t always have to be rough and tumble, it could mean a game of “Kick the Can” with the neighbors, or walking to school instead of getting a ride. And when you’re home, if there are alternatives to lounging around in front of the TV, in most cases kids will take them! What could be better than having play equipment set up right in your own backyard?

What does your family do to stay active? 

What do you think?

Get Fit as a Family

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  1. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    Softball has always been a tradition in my family, and my dad and I used to go running together. I plan to make physical activity a routine with my kids, mixing it up with hiking, dancing, Zumba, yoga, and whatever other fun activities we can come up with!

  2. Profile photo of trans trans says:

    Morning Walk is the best way to start a day , it helps to feel fresh the entire day. It is boon for all the cardiac and diabetic patients , meditation and walk makes a patient half cure.


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