Gender Reveal Party to Placenta Pills: 4 Unique Pregnancy Trends


When you’re involved in mom-blogging, you pretty much hear it all. Mom bloggers love to not only share every detail of their children's’ lives, but also every detail of their own pregnancies. Additionally, moms who are tech-savvy often strive to be on top of the latest trends, staying constantly connected and, as a result, get brilliant ideas for one-of-a-kind pregnancy events and photos from blogs and Pinterest.

What’s so wrong with getting pregnant, telling your family and friends the good news in person, finding out the gender during a routine anatomy scan, and spilling the gory details of your labor and delivery way after the baby is safely in your arms? Have pregnancy trends “jumped the shark,” so to speak?

Let’s talk about four pregnancy “trends”: crazy pregnancy announcement photos, live Tweeting or Facebooking your labor and delivery; gender reveals; and doing weird things with your placenta. We should probably discuss the likelihood of these things just being trends or whether or not they're here for the long-haul.

4 unique pregnancy trends
Picture courtesy of Amanda Austin | It's Blogworthy

Crazy Pregnancy Announcement Photo

After I found out I was pregnant, I thought a LOT about how to announce it. I’m heavily invested in social media, so I wanted something I could share with my Facebook friends that was unique, fun, and showed the personality of our growing family. What did I do? I turned to Pinterest, where you will be overwhelmed with ideas for adorable pregnancy announcements. I’m totally on board with this trend, although there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. My tip for women who are ready to announce their pregnancy is to take a look at what’s out there, and then create something reflective of you and your personality. Be authentic, and let the joy of your announcement show through in your photo.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Live Tweeting Your Labor

Many modern day moms are constantly connected to Twitter and Facebook and take their smart phones right into the delivery room. Tweeting and Facebooking your labor and delivery sort of makes sense: a 12-plus hour labor with an epidural can get a little boring, so why not check in with your friends and let them know your status? While I do believe Facebook and Twitter are great ways to let your friends and family know your little one is about to arrive, I think you should save a little something for yourself and your partner during this life-changing moment. “It is a special moment that does deserve a little privacy,” blogger Teresa said. Florida mom Laura agreed: “No reason anyone needs to be subjected to a play-by-play of the labor. I mean if we didn’t get it for the conception….” Good point!


4 unique pregnancy trends - gender reveal party
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Gender Reveal Party 

The first time I saw pictures of a gender reveal party, I thought it seemed like a cute, novel idea. Then I saw another… and another… and 15 more. Gender reveal parties seem to be the hottest trend in pregnancy these days, but not everyone loves the idea. When I asked several moms what they thought of gender reveal parties, answers ranged from “pointless” to “gender reveal parties are the death of me.” Kristin, a mom and former blogger, announced she was having a girl to her parents with a pink-filled cake during her pregnancy four years ago, but doesn’t agree with the idea of a full-fledged party. “I think it’s kind of narcissistic to plan an entire event around revealing your baby’s gender since the only people who really care enough to get THAT excited are likely going to be close family,” she said. As for me? I’m way too impatient to wait. I was barely out of the ultrasound room when I began texting pink emojis to my closest friends.

placenta pills 4 pregnancy trends
Image via Flickr/danoxster

Placenta Pictures & Other Oddities

By and large, I don’t particularly enjoy talking about placentas. Yeah, they are an amazing organ and keep my baby alive and blah blah blah, but when the baby’s out, I see no need to relive the fond memories of my placenta. Not everyone agrees. Tree of Life Placenta Services offers placenta prints – photos of the placenta stamped on acid-free paper with natural placenta blood, suitable for framing. Other moms opt to encapsulate their placenta, creating all-natural vitamins that are thought to aid in postpartum recovery and ward off postpartum depression (despite there being no scientific basis behind this practice). In the words of my toddler, “No tank ew.” Emphasis on the ew.

Are you on board with any of these pregnancy trends? 

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What do you think?

Gender Reveal Party to Placenta Pills: 4 Unique Pregnancy Trends

Amanda is a social media manager for a health care organization by day, a blogger and freelance writer by night, and a celebrity news junkie all the time! She's also mom to an amazing 2 year-old boy and wife to a great guy who indulges all her celebrity gossip (and sometimes tries to scoop her!) Amanda loves coffee, fashion, nail polish, cats, and Tim Gunn (not always in that order.) For more celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty and DIY, visit Amanda's blog, It's Blogworthy. ... More

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  1. Ashley says:

    My husband and I threw a surprise Gender Reveal party and we had a blast! I plan on doing it for all my children in the future. I wrote a blog entry about my experience at: feel free to snag some ideas!

  2. BsMama says:

    I’m a first time mom that’s had her fair share of issues with depression and anxiety. Going into my pregnancy I knew I was at a higher risk for postpartum depression and wanted to do everything in my power to ready myself: I remained on a drug regimen I was comfortable with, was closely followed by a psychiatrist and therapist, and did encapsulate my placenta. I was a bit disappointed when regarding encapsulation you wrote: “(despite there being no scientific basis behind this practice). In the words of my toddler, “No tank ew.” Emphasis on the ew.” It’s fine if it’s not for you, but no need to make it out as gross. I wanted to do as much as I could to protect my sanity and my baby’s wellbeing. Also a little food for thought – these practices that do not have scientific validity in the Western world, well people have continued to do them for hundreds of years for some reason….

  3. MarcelosWife says:

    Placenta memories? YUCK! Like my Mom who saved our umbilical cord in a little box. It was thoughtful, but when I first saw it as a little girl, I was very grossed out!

  4. MarcelosWife says:

    Dumb photo announcement! Not classy!!

  5. DeAnna says:

    I had a gender reveal party and while I was planning it I read so many negative things about these types of parties. It really was horrible. If you don’t agree with them, then don’t have one. My party started out small with just a few family members but when my friends heard about it they all wanted to come. I had around 30 people at my gathering and everyone loved it. We didn’t make it into a big deal. Didn’t have any crazy decorations or games. We just cooked for everyone and when it came time for dessert, everyone gathered around to watch us take the first bite into our gender reveal cupcakes. My husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant so our pregnancy has been blessed by everyone. The party was a good time and I have a memory I will cherish forever.

  6. Kelly says:

    I’ve heard a lot of criticisms against gender reveal parties and I don’t get it. Yes, they are only important to close family and friends, so here’s a thought….only invite close family and friends. To me it’s the same concept as a baby shower. In fact, that’s what we did, we just did the gender reveal party as an early baby shower for family and friends who could make it to where we live. Then my mom had another shower “back home” for family and friends there. I can see how if people are expecting two gifts (gender reveal and shower) from the same group of people that would get a little annoying. But like anything, some people will go overboard. For me, it was less about gifts and more about finding out at the same time as my family and closest friends. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

  7. Nat says:

    out of all these trends the only one I have ever thought about and looked into are the placenta pills, but I’m pretty crunchy.

    my hubby does most of the birth announcements via txt or phone calls. After several early losses I tend to wait a bit longer then him…so by the time I’m ready to start telling people he pretty much has it covered. The deal is though if we have a loss and he has already told people then he is also responsible to tell them about the loss.

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