Gear Guide: Keeping Your Baby Cool This Summer

It's almost summer! And in some parts of the country, the weather is already heating up. If you have a baby or little one, you're probably thinking about how to keep them cool this summer despite the rising temperatures. Here are some great products to help your baby (and you!) stay cool during the summer heat.

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A fan

Make sure you have a fan in your baby's room. Either a ceiling fan, a room fan, or both! This fan doesn't have blades (so it's safe for your baby's tiny fingers!), and according to a customer review, it also very durable. Apparently, her toddler tackled it on multiple occasions, and it is still fully functional a full year later!

Sun hats

A sun hat will help prevent sunburn as well as keeping your baby cool.


This is more for sunburn prevention, but your baby will feel much cooler if they are not sunburned! This sunscreen is all natural and certified organic.

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A stroller with a sun shade

Keeping shade over your baby during those fun summer days out will help keep them cool. Check out this sun shade on Amazon. Or buy a stroller system, like the UPPAbaby Vista, that comes with a great sun shade (as well as bug screen and rain shield!).

Stroller umbrella

If your stroller's shade doesn't really cover your baby effectively, invest in a stroller umbrella! It will keep you and your baby cool. This one is good for rain or shine!

Sun shades on the car windows

We all know how hot the sun can feel streaming through our car window. So make sure you have a sun shade protecting your baby while you’re in the car.

Car seat with a good sun shade 

Even if you do have sun shades for the car windows, you may also want a sunshade cover. This way, if you're parked in the sun for a while, the car seat won't be as hot when your little one needs to get back in it. And most infant car seats, like my Chicco Keyfit car seat, have a flexible sunshade to protect your baby from the sun in and out of the car. 

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Misting spray bottles

Nothing is more refreshing for your baby (or you!) and a quick mist of cool water during a hot day. This spray bottle has an ergonomically correct comfort grip, to make using it even easier!

Water bottles

Not only will this help keep your baby hydrated, it will also help your baby stay cool. This is a glass bottle with easy to grip handles and a silicone sleeve. It's easy to clean and BPA free!


Always be prepared for sprinklers or outdoor water parks! Keep a swimsuit on or nearby this summer.

Summer shoes (for walking babies)

Get some sandals or well-ventilated shoes to help keep your walking baby’s feet cool!

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A shade tent

Once you find that perfect spot at the park, lake, or beach, set up a tent to keep the whole family shaded. Your baby will love sitting under it and playing in shaded comfort.

A cooler

Keep those food items, drinks, and even teething toys nice and cool in a cooler this summer.

A blanket that zips into itself with a strap

Perfect for picnics or playing at the park, these blankets roll into their own carrying case, making them easy to take anywhere.

A breathable carrier

If you’re wearing your baby a lot, make sure your carrier is breathable! You don’t want your baby sweating and feeling too hot against you.

Muslin blankets

It’s a good idea to still have blankets available for swaddling those little babies in the summer. But make sure the blanket is a lightweight muslin, breathable and comfortable in warm weather.

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If your baby will tolerate wearing sunglasses, invest in a good pair. This will help the sun stay out of your baby’s eyes, and help your baby look super cool at the same time!

A cradle with mesh sides

Let that air from your room fan reach your baby by making sure your cradle or crib is well ventilated. 

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What do you use to keep your little one cool during the hot weather? Tell us in the comments!

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Gear Guide: Keeping Your Baby Cool This Summer

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