Funny (and Not-So-Funny) Signs You’re in Your Last Month of Pregnancy


Early in pregnancy, most moms can’t wait for their belly to pop and their baby to start kicking away. By month nine though, even the moms that are still loving their big bellies and kicking baby are likely facing some major end-of-pregnancy discomforts. If you’re in your last month of pregnancy you can relate:

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Everyone you see is shocked

Whether they-re shocked that you’re still pregnant, shocked at the size of your belly (or ankles), or shocked that you’re still working, people don’t hesitate to let you know. By now, you’ve probably gotten used to other people commenting on your pregnancy but during the last month, when someone is shocked about something every day can it get pretty exhausting.

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You’re fielding daily calls and texts about whether you’ve had the baby

Whether it’s your college roommate, your grandma, or your sister-in-law, chances are someone is checking in just about every day to see whether you’ve had that baby yet. In the future, feel free to send them my favorite end-of-pregnancy link:

You suddenly realize there’s a BABY in there

It might happen when your packing (and repacking) your hospital bag. Or it might happen when you’re folding a freshly washed baby outfit. But at some point during your last month of pregnancy, you’ll suddenly realize that there is a very real, very alive, almost-full-sized baby in your belly. And that that very real baby is coming out really, really soon. Experiencing a little bit of late pregnancy panic is normal. It usually passes just in time for the I-have-a-newborn-and-I-don’t-know-what-to-do panic to set in.

No one will let you do anything normal

There are certain things a pregnant woman shouldn’t do, like drink alcohol or ride roller coasters. But during the last month of pregnancy, many women report that people around them often begin to act like they can’t do anything. Whether it’s your partner wondering if you should still drive, the co-worker who insists on carrying your bag, or your mother-in-law asking when you’re going to stop working, constantly telling the people in your life that you can, indeed, do whatever it is you're doing gets tiring.

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And they’re all a little scared of you

When you walk into a restaurant or to work you might notice that people there start to get nervous. They’re nervous no doubt that you’re going to go into labor and have the baby right then and there. Now, it’s true that you could start experiencing contractions or your water could break. But most people don’t understand (thanks, Hollywood!) that there’s usually at least a few hours between the onset of labor and the delivery of the baby.

No matter how tough the last month of pregnancy may be, rest assured that it will all be worth it when the month ends and you’ve got a warm, wiggly baby in your arms.

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Funny (and Not-So-Funny) Signs You’re in Your Last Month of Pregnancy

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