10 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child How to Write Their Name

10 ways to write name
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My firstborn son begins kindergarten in just two weeks. This summer has gone by much too quickly! I have been working with him on writing his name and identifying his letters throughout the summer. In the beginning of July, he started complaining about writing his name, so I decided to mix things up. We abandoned the paper and pencil and went the fun route. Since he is much more of a hands-on learner, this worked so much better!  Here are 10 fun ways to help your child learn how to spell and write their name.  

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1.  Search through magazines and cut out letters in the alphabet. Glue them on a piece of construction paper to make a letter collage.

2.  Use colored dry-erase markers and a white board.

3.  Use dry-erase markers on a window. 

4.  Head outside and have your child write with chalk on the driveway. Then when they are finished, give them a hose to erase away their letters.

5.  Give your child cooked spaghetti to spell out their name. 

6.  Have your child practice writing their name with shaving cream on a cookie sheet. You can easily make the shaving cream various colors using food coloring.

7. Write your child's name with a highlighter and have your child trace over it with a pencil. Use a popcorn font online (letters made of dots) and print sheets with the name for tracing. 

8.  Record yourself spelling their name and then have them repeat after you. Most kids love to hear their own voice! 

9.  Make up a silly song or use a familiar tune to spell out their name.  

10.  Tape small pieces of construction paper to large blocks. On each block, write a letter of your child's name. Help your child line up the letters in the right order to spell their name.  

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10 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child How to Write Their Name

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