From Your Family to Ours: Storage Solutions

From Your Family to Ours: Storage Solutions Picture

This week we're talking getting the nursery and home ready for baby. EverydayFamily member Bhumphr6 says:

We live in an apartment and we are just starting to get baby stuff for nursery and everything and I feel like we are running out of room already and we are not even close to getting everything we need. Any ideas on space saving before the baby comes?

Alison suggests:

I would suggest skipping the changing table and mounting the changing pad to the dresser top.  Also, invest in a good closet organizer for the baby's room, and think about doing that for every closet in the apartment.  You'll really maximize your storage space that way. 

Kara says:

Find things that multi-task. Like I think I saw a swing somewhere that turned into a bouncer and a rocker. Also look for travel things because they are usually smaller and fold up when not in use.

And LittleOne2321 understands:

I'm in the same boat.  We just moved into a small two-bedroom place, and we're almost out of room for our stuff, let alone the baby's!  I'm planning on getting a mini crib to allow for more space, and storing clothing she won't use for a while in our now empty packing totes.

You can see more great answers from EverydayFamily members by visiting the Home & Nursery Prep forum. Now we’re asking you! What are the best ways to organize and make the most of your space? 

What do you think?

From Your Family to Ours: Storage Solutions

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  1. These are some great idea’s if you are lacking on space.

  2. i think it is important to have storage so you are well organized and are able to know where everything is kept, also you know that it is safe.

  3. Profile photo of Lauren Lauren says:

    When my husband and I had our son when we lived in the apt. We never bought a changing table but we mounted a changing pad on top of a piece of furniture which had 4 drawers and a cabinet on the side with shelving which was great for space. Also, at Bed Bath and Beyond they sell this double hang closet rod which was great to hang all our sons clothes on, .

  4. Profile photo of Katie_Ogle Katie_Ogle says:

    I definitely second putting the changing pad on top of the dresser-we have twins, so had to fit two cribs into our nursery, so space is at a premium! We’ve been lucky enough to have a large enough closet to fit a taller dresser into it-it’s been a real life saver to have the extra space, but not have to use up any of the room’s footprint for it.

  5. Profile photo of Baby2Smiles Baby2Smiles says:

    I found that hanging up the really nice clothing and putting the rest in dresser drawer was really amazing and i put her bibs, socks, and mittens/hats in a three drawer storage container. I also got a basket from michaels that i put her shoes in. its cute and also saves alot of space and now that she wears all her shoes i have them in a folding container that sits at top her closet and now her toys are in the basket…and finding that by what allison said never thought about doing it to every closet but probably is an excellent idea


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