From Your Family to Ours: Mommy is MINE

From Your Family to Ours: Mommy is MINE Picture

This week, for Family Channel Friday, EverydayFamily member Leesha shares her issue in the Toddler Development & Milestones forum. She writes:

My oldest son is 14 months old and is extremely possessive over me. He'll share me with his little brother but whenever daddy hugs mommy, little Kye has a meltdown. He actually pushes us apart. We try to include him in hugs but it just makes him even more angry. Has anyone else had this issue? And if so how did you manage it?

So far, she has heard from member deena, who offers some great advice and reassurance:

Ugh!  I know what you are going thru!!!  My 13 month old is in that stage.  The good news is that it is just that, a stage.  My older two did the same.  I can be playing with my older two or my husband and if my daughter thinks things are getting too rough for mommy she come running to my rescue.  Just hang in there.  Make sure your lil one sees and understands that the affection is a good touch.  Tell him that it is ok.  That daddy loves mommy like mommy loves Kye.  We look at my daughter (Kaylie) and I tell her, "Aww, nice daddy” and give him a hug.  She is starting to get used to the affection now.  I wish you luck!  🙂

Who else has faced this stage with their toddler? How did you handle it?

This is one of those challenges where, even as an adult, it can be hard not to have your feelings hurt by the child’s response. It can be the father, the mother, a sibling, or another caregiver that gets the cold shoulder in the affection department. If you dealt with this, did you do anything special to help the other person with their feelings? 

What do you think?

From Your Family to Ours: Mommy is MINE

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  1. Profile photo of Kati Terry Kati Terry says:

    My 2 year old is very possesive, doesn’t want daddy to do things for him or be affectionate with me. He’s not as bad, but sometimes throws a fit if I am holding his little sister who is now 11 months. She is also hitting that stage, doesn’t want daddy and absolutly hates if Riley is getting any of my attention. It is the single most frustrating thing with my two youngest.

  2. Profile photo of heather heather says:

    My 18 month old daughter still does it .. she wants mommy no daddy as she would say..

  3. Profile photo of MomAgain MomAgain says:

    Oh yes!! My daughter was especially possessive while I was still nursing, no one could touch me at all! Now she’s moved on to everyone who wants to hug her HAS to hug her mommy first! She is quite the little dictator around here when it comes to personal contact. And if we big people are having a conversation for too long she starts talking over us and telling us to stop it. Ages and stages so they say!

  4. Profile photo of Krista Krista says:

    My 2 1/2 year old does not like my husband to touch me. He always tells him no daddy. He is going through a phase where he is telling his daddy he doesnt like him. We have been telling him its not nice to tell someone you dont like them. That it hurts their feelings.

  5. Profile photo of Mom2two12 Mom2two12 says:

    Yea my son went through that stage, now he doesn’t let us talk he wants us to just listen to him and watch him play. :/


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