From Your Family to Ours: Keeping Cool in Maternity Wear

pregnant-woman-beachsideWelcome to Family Channel Friday!

As the summer heats up, nobody is feeling it more than our expectant mamas. It’s hot enough being outside, but having the added burden of carrying around another person inside you really gets things cooking. It would be nice to spend all summer in the pool, enjoying a little time weightless in the cool water. Unfortunately, every once in a while you have to throw on some clothes and get out in the heat. That’s why this week’s tip comes courtesy of the pregnancy forums, specifically Maternity Style & Fashion.

EverydayFamily member Cassandra asked:

What are some good pregnancy clothing ideas for when it's hot out? I'm warm, pregnant, but still want to look good!

There were quite a few great responses.

abby_babyy said: I love wearing summery dresses! Cute and they keep you cool!

smokymtnmama loves: flip-flops so my feet can breathe and have a little space when they swell up, lol.

MommaCC25 said: I am due the end of August so I’ve been stocking up on summer dresses and capris and tank tops.

Now we’re asking you. What are your go-to basics for making it through the long, hot summer in maternity wear? 

What do you think?

From Your Family to Ours: Keeping Cool in Maternity Wear

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  1. Profile photo of Mom2two12 Mom2two12 says:

    I am living in Arizona and this heat is awful! I am in my 8th month and spending my whole time inside with our ac running.

  2. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    Loose clothes and air conditioning worked wonders.

  3. Living in the panhandle of Florida, where it gets insanely hot, I LIVE in cute dresses & sandals. I’m due October 10th so, with temperatures on the steady rise, I’m grow bigger & hotter. Dresses are great right now too, cos there is no uncomfortable elastic of any type around my belly, and when the breeze blows it feel oh-so good. If you can keep cool a few certain points on your body [the inside of your elbows & knees, your wrists, your neck, and your ankles] then it helps to maintain & regulate body temperature. And having a water bottle with me at all times is essential!

  4. Profile photo of nicole nicole says:

    ac and pool!!!

  5. Profile photo of dragonmind dragonmind says:

    I am from Az. OMG it is so hot. I am wearing lots of tank tops, going swimming, and drinking lots of water. It helps

  6. I just found out I am pregnant so luckily I’ll be most pregnant in the winter. The baby will keep me warm =]

  7. Profile photo of meredith meredith says:

    I was super pregnant last summer, and it wasn’t as warm as it is now. I feel bad for everyone who is pregnant and hot right now. I lived in tank tops, capri pants and flip-flops all summer.

  8. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    When you are as short as I am with a large chest to begin with, dresses just don’t look right when you are pregnant… I bought a thin flowing black and white striped skirt and a bunch of tank tops in different colors… It helps that I have flipflops that match the tank tops so it all goes together well!


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