Free Virtual Tours You and Your Kids Will Love

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If you're looking for something fun to do with your kids, why not take them to Paris to tour the Louvre? And maybe even swing by a crayon factory afterward? Don't think these trips are in your budget? That's okay, really. 

You can do all of this from home! Take your kids on virtual tours and transport them to these places for free!

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I've rounded up a few fun and free tours that I think you might like as well.

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There was one episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that has stuck with me for years and years – it was the one where he took you on a tour of a crayon factory. It impressed me so much that I still sometimes think about it. I wanted to show my kids, so I was searching for it, and I found this little gem on the PBS website.

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Not only can you tour that very crayon factory with Mr. Rogers, you can also watch how other items,  like balls, shoes, and fortune cookies are made. Check it out.

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If you raise your brows when I tell you that I love cows and secretly wish I were a farmer, I won’t mind. I love farm animals — I can't help it. One of my favorite childhood memories is hanging out at my grandpa's farm, and watching cows get milked at the local dairy.  

A farmer’s job is to feed the world; they work their hands off raising food so that we can feed our families. It is an enormous responsibility, and it’s hard, hard work, but they love what they do.

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Farmers and ranchers fascinate and humble me, so I wanted to share a few tours that give a little peek inside the farm life. I do hope you will visit.

Tour a dairy farm here.

Choose from a number of different farms here.

Experience a day in the life of an agriculture student here.  

Read about the Watts family's farm experience here.

Image adapted from Scott Ehardt; Wikimedia Commons

It would be cruel of me not to tell you that you're going to need chocolate by the time you get through this tour. So go now, get some before you watch how the beloved Hershey products are made.

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Ever since the day I found a book at the library about the Louvre in Paris, I’ve been obsessed. Several months ago, my sister got to experience the Louvre in person. She said that it was beyond words incredible.

I want to go there. I want my kids to learn about artists who have influenced the world.

I’d like my own little artist to see how important his talents are.

Not too long ago my daughter said, “Mom, all I really want to do is to go to Paris to drink coffee and eat little cakes. Okay?”

So, since it is ten below zero degrees at home right now, it seems like a perfect day to bake little cakes, brew something warm to drink, cozy up on the couch, and tour the Louvre. My favorite virtual tour yet.

Do you want to join us? You can! Just go here, it’s free.

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So, where do you want to go?

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Free Virtual Tours You and Your Kids Will Love

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