Free Haircuts in August at JCPenney!

Free Haircuts in August at JCPenney! Picture

So back to school time around our house means backpacks, notebooks, and – well – haircuts!

Once upon a time I thought I could take care of all of our hair care needs for much less than it costs to get haircuts at the local salon. I went to a beauty shop and purchased a hair cutting kit, complete with nice sharp hair cutting scissors and an apron. I set up a hair styling station outside in our driveway (I’m sure the neighbors loved that!), had the girls shampoo their hair, and then began to clip.

It didn’t turn out badly, and I still do all of the trimming that needs to be done every month or six weeks. I don’t, however, ‘shape’ their hair. I know my limitations! My mom put a bowl on my head and gave me a Dorothy Hamill years ago, but I don’t have so much faith in my styling abilities, and so every six months I take the girls in for professional cuts so they have some style. I have to pay about $15 per cut, which does make me cringe, but I like that they can layer the girls’ hair and make it look, well, ‘flippy’, since all I can do is trim the dead ends off.

I’d almost signed them up for their back to school end of summer cuts last week when I read this awesome news:

JCPenney salons across the country will offer FREE haircuts for kids in grades K through 6th during the month of August!

Woo hoo!

To schedule an appointment check out this site, or call your local salon.

Since I’m in dire need of a cut and shape, I’m going to make an appointment for my girls and ask if they can do mine at the same time.  Three haircuts for the price of one? I can live with that!

What do you think?

Free Haircuts in August at JCPenney!

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  1. That is pretty awesome! I just got my son’s haircut, but it grows so fast that I am sure I will be able to take him before the end of the month…I just wish there was a JC Penney’s that was here in town.

  2. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    My sister told me about this, I’m going to take them at their offer for my daughter!

  3. Profile photo of OddRose OddRose says:

    I saw this as a commercial on TV, and am defiantly getting an appointment for my 12yr old. I know my limits too, and they stop at basic trim and shape.


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