5 Ways to Brighten Your Day in 5 Minutes or Less

Winter can be tough. The cold, glum days outside can sometimes leave us feeling tired and worn-down and when you have little ones the harsh weather can lead to all kinds of cooped up frustrations. If winter blues have you feeling down and you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, check out the list below of five ways you can brighten your day in five minutes or less!

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1. Paint your nails

Sometimes all you need to brighten your spirits is some flashy color on your nails. Taking a moment to take care of yourself (especially if you usually expend all your energy taking care of other people) has the power to make you feel calmer and more put-together. Next time you’re feeling down, use naptime to take care of yourself rather than taking care of the chores.

2. Email a friend

Or text, SnapChat, or message them. Staying connected is hard when you’re a mom but it’s often the connections we have with friends and loved ones that make our days feel meaningful. Reach out to a friend you haven’t had the chance to talk to in a while and look forward to their response! 

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3. Show kindness to someone else

Making other people feel good is a sure-fire way to improve your own mood. Whether it’s doing something special for your kids or partner or for a neighbor or stranger, take a moment to think of how you can make someone else feel special and act on it! What better way to brighten your day than to brighten someone else's day?

4. Hug your little one

There’s no doubt that taking care of little people is hard. There sometimes seem to be endless chores associated with parenting – the cooking, the cleaning, the bathing and the getting to bed can all feel so hard. Next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, step back, take a breath and choose to snuggle your little one instead of letting yourself get more frustrated. A hug, a cuddle, or a snuggle can melt away your frustration and help you reset so that you can parent with joy instead or frustration. 

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5. Plan something to look forward to

As a mom, it can be hard to get time for yourself – sometimes even five minutes can be hard to come by. If you’re in the busier-than-I-ever-thought-possible boat and don’t feel like you can take a moment right now, plan something fantastic for the future. Whether it’s a manicure this weekend on the day your partner gets off early, a ladies-night next week when you know your mom can babysit, or an out-of-town trip with your spouse next summer once you’re done nursing, making a plan can help pep you up as you finish out the rest of your day!

How do you brighten your day?

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5 Ways to Brighten Your Day in 5 Minutes or Less

Julia Pelly has a master's degree in public health and works full time in the field of positive youth development. Julia loves hiking after work, swimming during the summer and taking long, cuddly afternoon naps with her two sons on the weekends. She is writing a memoir on pregnancy, motherhood, and sisterhood and lives in North Carolina, with her husband and two young boys. ... More

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