5 Tips for a Minimalist Playroom

Parenthood is full of surprises. From the challenges of the newborn phase to the wild ways that new milestones can impact your emotions, each day brings something new.

One of the most obnoxious surprises of parenthood though is just how much stuff kids come with. Some stuff becomes really important,  like the bouncer that serves as a favorite napping spot and the favorite lovey that always seems to dry your baby’s tears. And favorite lovies are essential to your baby’s everyday life. Other things, though, like the zillions of blankets you got at your baby shower to the trinkets that get sent home from birthday parties just seem to add clutter.

If you’re looking to minimize the “stuff” of baby and toddlerhood and create a clean and organized playroom, check out the tips below.

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Don’t let things you don’t need into the house

Whether it’s crafts from daycare, hand-me-down toys from the neighbor, or a bag full of toys from the grandparents, it can feel like your babe is acquiring more stuff every day. Instead of adding gifts and new things to your child’s playroom, take a few minutes to inventory anything new and make sure you really need it before integrating it into your little one’s playroom. Don’t feel bad about tossing, passing on, or donating anything you really don’t need.

Put things away when your little one outgrows them

Often, a bouncer has been sitting idle or a toy has remained in the toy box without being played with for months before a parent realizes that it’s just taking up space. Instead of waiting for the realization that your little one isn’t using something anymore, make inventorying your child’s things a part of your weekly routine.

Keep the toy selection to a minimum

While it can be hard not to fall into the “more is better” mindset when it comes to toys, in reality, little ones play best when they have just a few toys. Be thoughtful about what you put in your baby’s playroom. And, if you have more than you need, consider rotating toys to ensure your tot doesn’t become overwhelmed with their selection.

Baby-proof your space

If your baby’s playroom isn’t baby-proofed it’ll be hard for you to relax as your tot plays and will likely lead to all kinds of unnecessary messes. If you have trinkets, décor, or books and other items in your baby’s playroom, consider removing them before your baby has the chance to pull them from their spot and make a wild mess.

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Use baskets

Babies make messes. As they learn and explore they often pull out everything in their reach. Take the stress out of cleaning up your playroom by keeping a few large baskets to toss everything into every evening after your tot goes to bed.

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5 Tips for a Minimalist Playroom

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