5 Reasons It Rocks To Be Pregnant In The Fall

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I endured the first trimester of my pregnancy in the summer.  Aside from the heat magnifying my morning sickness, I was spared the possible misery of enduring summer in late pregnancy.  The thought of my swollen, sweaty third trimester body enduring the summer made me wanna move to the North or South Pole – whichever would have been colder.  For me, fall was the ideal season for pregnancy in so many ways.  

Should you share my preference, I hope you grab a throw, prop your feet, and sip something spiced with pumpkin while we tip our bellies to the things that make being pregnant in the fall glorious!

1.  Clothing!

Say goodbye to tank tops and shorts that show your pit stains and chafe your thighs, and hellllllooo to fuzzy sweaters that you could get lost in.  Tunics can add a few extra pounds when you aren’t pregnant, but they flatter a pregnant woman and hide your butt while you indulge in fall’s other pregnancy perk: LEGGINGS!  Put ‘em under a dress, wear them to work, or to prenatal yoga.  The obliging waistband of a good pair of leggings is a dream.  And they give you an excuse to give your swollen feet a break in a comfy pair of flats, all while still looking pulled together and stylish.

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2.  Grooming Perks

Your belly is big.  Your legs are hairy.  But guess what?  ‘Tis FALL!  Save the contortions required to shave while hosting a watermelon in your midsection.  Put on the super stretchy leggings and call it a day.  If you feel like fancifiying, slather on a fall-scented lotion.  Voila!  Beauty!

3.  Embrace the Outdoors


The fall is a prime time for street fairs and festivals, farmer’s markets, pumpkin patches, and carnivals.  Get outside!  Stretch your legs!  Examine the brilliant colors of the falling leaves!  Hold hands with your partner.  Play voyeur to the other family’s picking out pumpkins and sipping hot cider, and then smile knowing next year… that’ll be YOU!

Image via Jennifer Bruno

4.  Spend Time With Your Extended Family

Summers are hectic.  There are vacations, and summer camps, and sporting events, and a thousand other things that interrupt your ability to spend time with the ones you love.  The fall is a great time to re-engage with your family.  Call your mom and schedule a crafting date, treat your grandmother to a latte in the park,  or create a Thanksgiving feast with your entire family, as I can promise you, making time with your extended family changes focus after the baby arrives.  You will be looking for someone to do your laundry – not craft a napkin ring.

5.  Take Maternity Photos

Whether you schedule professional photos or simply ask a friend to snap a few candids, the backdrop of fall is perfect for capturing your early maternal moments.  Wear earth tones, jewel tones, bolds, or basics – you can get away with anything – just make sure you schedule your shoot before the trees lose all their leaves!

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5 Reasons It Rocks To Be Pregnant In The Fall

Jennifer Bruno is a credentialed trainer by day and a freelance writer and aspiring photographer by night. Raised in rural Kansas, Jen moved to sunny Florida after college where she met her husband, who married her despite hearing her sing Dixie Chicks karaoke. Shortly after saying “I do”, they moved to New York City to fulfill their dream of living amongst the bright lights and skyscrapers. They currently share their cramped apartment with two modelesque miniature dachshunds named Millie an ... More

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  1. kflores says:

    i should show this article to my wife

  2. Stella says:

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  3. Leslie says:

    Hell no. I did not do anything of this. My family said bad things to me when I was pregnant. I went to work instead at least, they treated me with respect and made Made me feel welcome. Did not take pics of the belly. I work, eat, sleep the whole time. Went to my shower, but my family made me feel unwelcome. My family stage is toddler and up. My child has autism, but she still smart. I do a lot with her now.

  4. Rachel says:

    Maybe it was just me, but I loved being pregnant in the summer (late Sept due date), I could wear sundresses and sandals, I didn’t have to worry about sidewalks icing up, I was able to go swimming to relieve heat and pressure, and once baby came, we had weeks of fall weather to enjoy with him outside before things got really cold. I hope to do it the same way again next time!

  5. Jessica says:

    I was pregnant in the summer and loved it for a number of reasons. It gave me a reason to stay inside and stay cool (and amp up the air conditioning). I also had time to get my child to the three month mark without getting sick. I would hate having to be pregnant in the fall and then having to worry about the winter coming and visitors getting my baby sick 🙁

  6. kimmy says:

    first pregnancy and so excited. due dec. 4th

  7. Daniela says:

    I agree. very happy I wasn’t even showing yet in the summer. I don’t mind looking pregnant in the fall and hopefully will go shopping for some tops that fit me this weekend 🙂

  8. laymi says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so glad I am in my third trimester now that it is fall. I hated the summer I felt really uncomfortable, with all the heat and the sweat ,the hot weather made me feel nauseous and I would be home all day in the AC. It was difficult to fit into my summer clothing and I would be very irritable >:( …. but now it has all changed I take walks in the park enjoying this wonderful weather, I wear loose comfy sweaters, I drink delicious hot chocolate in the afternoons while I watch movies on Netflix, and all the upcoming events like thanksgiving and Christmas with the family … I am in a much better mood now, my husband is also glad is Fall!

  9. Jessica says:

    Yes! I’m so glad I get to avoid the summer heat of AZ while I’m pregnant. Bring on the cool weather & family time!

  10. Julie says:

    I agree that it rocks to be pregnant in the fall! I had two pregnancies in the summer and was miserable in the heat!


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